11 White Wood Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Kid's Bedroom

Are you looking for furniture to outfit your child’s room? It’s difficult when they grow so fast and go through different phases – Star Wars one week, Harry Potter the next!

White wood bedroom furniture stands the test of time – it’s versatile and goes with anything, so you won’t have to redecorate every time they get a new hobby or interest.

Read on for tips on choosing the right pieces, and much more!

White Wood Bedroom Furniture Tips

1. The Basics

Things to remember when outfitting your child’s bedroom:

  • Simplicity – This is key. A neutral style and colour scheme will grow with your child – sometimes, a complex décor isn’t the best for the kids’ bedroom.
  • Create space for play – This may be an arts and crafts area or something more physical. It needs to be functional as well as stylish.
  • Strike a balance between small and big furniture pieces – You don’t want to be replacing it every few years as your child grows.

Why White Wood?

 2. White is neutral 

This is important for a number of reasons, the chief one being that it won’t need to be replaced as your children grow older. Consider it an investment, like buying slightly bigger clothes. Furniture with colourful patterns might be dazzling for small children, but you’ll find yourself replacing it when they grow into their teens.

3. It’s a placeholder

Sometimes, kids don’t know what they want. Neutral décor can be a useful placeholder as they grow up and decide if they want to add a splash of colour to their room. Remember, it’s easier to change the accessories of a room than the decoration scheme

4. It goes with anything

White furniture mixes well with a range of patterned accessories and vibrant colours. You can throw in pillows, rugs, curtains and it will still complement the core furniture of the room. The best part about this is that these accessories are replaceable if your child decides to grow out of the colourful and quirky theme.

5. Wooden furniture is versatile

If you have children that like to put stickers on furniture, or the furniture becomes marked, you might need to add a new coat of paint. Luckily, unlike MDF or other, cheaper alternatives, wooden furniture is easy to re-paint.

6. White reacts well with natural light

This can add to the sense of spaciousness in a bedroom. If your child’s room is in a loft conversion with a skylight, white enhances the effect. Add colourful accessories for some extra character.

7. Works well with wicker

Baskets and other wooden accessories (such as rattan) are a great complement to white furniture. They fit well with a farmhouse style children’s bedroom, or designs for when they’re older.

8. A good base

A white furniture set is a good ‘base’ to begin with. Children grow and their tastes change. They will imprint their personalities onto a neutral colour like white over time.

Design Themes

9. Farmhouse Style

  • Light hues dotted with pastel accessories – These combine in a simple yet elegant décor. In this theme, you can pair white furniture with off-white walls and cushions. You can also add small decorations here and there to add character.
  • Workspace - Place small desks and chairs if your children are old enough, or throw down a rug for a play area. The warm colours will comfort your child, and it’s easy to replace as they grow.
  • Mix darker colours with white furniture - This can be great if you want to create a rustic style. Buffalo check cushions and chunky, wooden accessories create a charming atmosphere and can give the room an elegant look. You can even add jazzy patterns to enhance it.
  • Shiplap – This slatted design is perfect for white furniture. Whether it’s a headboard or a wall feature, pairing shiplap with white wood looks great. It gives a bedroom that perfect rustic feeling when paired with the right accessories.

10. Cabin Style

  • Nautical look - An all-white furniture scheme can be mixed with shiplap and much lighter hues such as blue to create this style. It instils a light and airy feeling that can be accented even more by high ceilings and lots of natural light. Add some sea-related accessories such as anchors, fish or ship’s wheels to cement the look.
  • Mix white furniture and décor with bamboo or lattice and wooden slat shades – this gives a room an almost ethereal feel. Throwing in some coloured cushions can complete the look.
  • Mix white furniture with shiplap and patterned wallpaper - This accentuates and contrasts the colours. Placing sleek lamps, vases and other pieces around the room can give it a modern look.

11. Fairy-tale

  • Pastel pinks – These shades mix well with white furniture and floral patterns, and can create a fun fairy-tale theme that appeals to younger kids. Arrange canopies and decorations around a white bed and furniture set to create a castle tower theme that appeals to kids.
  • Lighting - Children see the world differently from adults - you can use things like fairy lights and glow in the dark stars to boost their imagination. Throwing in these items with white furniture and soft rugs and cushions can add warmth and whimsy to a room.

What Sort of Bed Should You Get?

This depends on two things – how much space you have in your kids’ bedroom, and how many kids you have. Bunk beds are great with most styles and have great utility value if you are short on space. A larger bed can really fill out a spacious room, however, and you won’t find yourself replacing it when your child outgrows it.

To Conclude

There you have it - some great tips and tricks on how to outfit your kids’ bedrooms. You know what sort of bed to put in there, and other types of furniture to include.

You also have some great design ideas about how to make your new white wooden furniture work – it’s truly versatile! Check out this range of white wood bedroom furniture - these pieces can suit any room or theme.