About Us


White Tree Furniture is the UK's official retailer of high quality signature white furniture.

We distinguish ourselves by working with only the top brands in the world, offering the best in this exciting furniture niche. Danish designers predominate in our store and attention to detail is everything for us.

Besides quality, we love knowing about our furniture, who we work with and, of course, our customers.

Buying long lasting furniture is an important investment and we make sure that everything goes well for you as a customer: from your shopping experience, to knowing about the product, to receiving it in your home. All of it matters to us.

Our mission? Continue to deliver amazing value to our trusted partners and customers and to improve everyday the lives of those we come to contact with.

Learn about the brands we work with here.

 Call us at 808 189 7130.

White Tree Furniture is owned and operated by New Power E-Commerce, Ltd.