5 Classic Tall Slim Bookcase Styles To Add To Your Collection in 2021

Bookcases are excellent pieces of furniture to put in your living space. Not only are they a timeless focal point, but they can bring the room together. Due to their popularity, you’ll find a vast selection available. This is especially so for tall slim bookcases. 

If you’re curious about what these styles are, keep reading. You’ll discover more about these distinctive designs. You’ll also learn some tips so you choose the right one for your collection. 

5 Tall Slim Bookcase Options to Incorporate in Your Home

1. Standard

If you’re searching for a traditional model, this is one to look into. This bookcase has a simple elegance. It’s narrow and reaches toward the ceiling. It has a solid border and multiple shelves.

2. Cube

This has a solid frame but there’s no backing. Instead, its interior consists of small boxes. The cubbies are tiny, but they allow you to fit different objects inside them. This can help you curate a unique look for the furnishing. 

Besides its aesthetics, this selection is also very functional. If you prefer not to showcase books, you could convert it into a storage spot. You might also use it to exhibit plants or artwork. 

3. Leaning

If you’re looking to add a slightly modern touch to a space, a leaning bookcase might be ideal. This resembles a ladder and has planks running across it. Depending on the model, some might stay the same size while others will taper off at the end. 

To avert it from scraping the surface, this option usually comes with soft edge grips. This way, as it rests against the wall, it won’t puncture it or leave marks. It also has rubber ends to keep it from slipping. 

4. Corner

This style rests within a corner of a room. Its base starts wide, but as it grows toward the ceiling, it becomes thinner. This alteration saves space. It also lets the bookcase naturally fit within the crevice.

Corner bookcases use a tripod system for balance. Because of this, you’ll find it has three legs that keep it supported. These are often curved and have pads at the bottom of them. These prevent the legs from scratching the floor. 

5. Barrister

This resembles long boxed-in shelves stacked on top of each other. Many are closed so they’ll have a small front panel. This will safeguard the contents inside. 

The bookcase is known for its tall and slim appearance. However, how tall it gets varies. For some, they’ll only have three or four levels. Others might have five or six. 

Barrister bookcases are very sturdy and are generally constructed out of wood. They have etched edges and their first level rests directly on the ground. 

What to Consider Before Buying One

There are some things you should contemplate before investing in one of these models. Here are a few to observe. 

Its Looks

A major thing to inspect is the furniture’s design. If it doesn’t match the room’s theme it could look out of place. This single characteristic can end up causing the area to look mismatched. 

Due to this, examine the bookcase’s form. Is it subdued? Does it have a stunning flair? These minute aspects might seem unnecessary to look at. But, they’ll ensure that you purchase the right one. 

Its Size

Another key component to survey is the bookcase’s size. You’ll find that some will be tall but also wide. Others might be tall but skinny. It’s good to consider which would be ideal for the area. If the room is small, the latter might be what you need. On the other hand, if it’s large, a substantial bookcase might be better. 

When browsing for a bookcase, make sure that there’s a shelf width of 12 inches. If you prefer a tall bookcase, confirm that it’s about eight feet. If you want something high but not overwhelming, five feet is probably best. 

Its Material

You’ll also want to investigate the object’s materials. You’ll notice that most bookcases come in four selections. 


Wood is one of the top bookcase substances. It’s not only classy but durable. While it’s useful in traditional spaces, wood also works in industrial and modern ones. 

It can also hold heavier articles than the alternatives. This is due to its solid composition. Thanks to this, you can display not only bulky books but other items. These include picture frames, vases, plants, and even electronic devices. 


This material is sure to become the center of attention. It’s quiet but bold enough to make a statement. 

These bookcases come in a variety of choices depending on the manufacturer. For instance, some might have a wooden exterior but feature glass shelves. Yet, others might be fully composed of glass. Some might even feature doors on the front. 

While glass ones are meant to last you still have to be careful. Heavy impacts could cause them to crack. You’ll also need to clean them often because they can show smudges. 


This appears similar to wood but is a bit different. Its base is made of synthetic materials. This makes the piece more durable than wood. It also has a smoother base which helps make it easier to wipe off. 

Laminate does have a few cons. One of note is that it’s very susceptible to water damage. If droplets aren’t quickly wiped off, they’ll seep into it. This can result in the item buckling and warping. 


For those who would like something industrial or retro, metal might be worth checking out. These are open and have no sides or backing. Many times, they’re used in standard or cube designs. Metal is long-lasting so there’s no need to worry about it getting ruined. Unlike the others, these bookcases usually come in one customary look. 


Finding the right tall slim bookcase for your collection can be tricky. With all the styles and materials available, it can be difficult to narrow things down. But, by using these tips, you can easily determine the right one for your residence. 

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