5 Furniture Styles That Compliment White Bedroom Drawers

You can’t underestimate the importance of drawers in your bedroom. They help to achieve better organization and keep your sleeping area tidy. The items are space-savers and contribute to the overall décor.

What styles are suitable for white bedroom drawers? This article mentions different approaches to use with these units. You’ll also discover how to choose these products and match them with other furniture pieces. Start reading to learn the secrets to decorating the sleeping area the way you deserve!

What Furniture Styles Compliment White Drawers?

Some people know how the bedroom of their dreams looks. Others loved the drawer set and purchased it, but have problems choosing a matching style. Check out the main designs you can use with your white storage unit!

1. Modern

This style appeared in the 20th century. Interior decors started migrating from traditional designs. The “modern” approach became popular quickly. Its main characteristics include:

  • Striving for minimalism. The style avoids overcrowding a section and aims to let it “breathe.” While you can add a couple of accessories, a sense of space should still exist.
  • Straight and clean design. Moderns tend not to complicate things. The experts believe an uninterrupted horizontal pattern contributes to space’s stability. As for vertical, it sends the message of power and creates a feeling of elongation. It can be a smart choice if you have a sloped ceiling.
  • Smooth surfaces. You’ll rarely find material differences or pointy outer areas on modern furniture items. A flat surface ensures elegance and fits the minimalistic concept.
  • Mixing the materials. This style allows mixing wooden bedroom drawers with metals and other compounds. For example, an aluminium lamp or a table with a glass top are both suitable combinations.

2. Contemporary

People often confuse this design with the one previously described. That’s because the contemporary style can be a subcategory of modern decors. The difference is that this approach focuses on current trends.

Are furniture items of unusual shapes popular now? Is a combination of white bedroom drawers with greenery and vivid-coloured accessories trendy? If it fits the designs of our day, it’s a contemporary style.

3. Minimalistic

This is another movement that showed up in recent decades. It’s a step forward from modern styles as it focuses on minimizing the added items and space taken.

Here are the main principles of this décor:

  • Avoid clutter whenever possible. Is an item redundant in the room? If it’s without a purpose, it’s best to remove it. The idea is to steer clear of crowding if you have an option.
  • Put unnecessary things out of sight. That’s where drawers come into play. These units allow you to store items you use but don’t want to clutter the décor’s appearance.
  • Sleek and clean. Neutral and airy shades are popular in minimalism. Those who strictly adhere to this style should avoid patterns and focus on straight lines.

4. Traditional

This is a style that’s the complete opposite of modern decors. Retro design fans and those used to this approach don’t give up on acquiring traditional furniture items. You’ll recognize the pieces for their brownish shades. Patterns and textures are frequent on sofas and other units.

The favourite material in traditional designs is wood. You’ll often see ornaments on the pieces, but also accessories around them. This style aims to add depth by including different items. That’s why you’ll frequently see layers. You can combine a drawer with a pattern with knobs and add plants or a lamp on top.

5. Industrial

Although this style is more popular for living rooms, you can apply it in the sleeping area. An industrial design can deliver a sense of calmness. You won’t feel boxed in because high ceilings create an illusion of space.

Did you find bedroom drawers for sale? If you need to match them with the industrial style, use these tips:

  • Choose a multi-layered brick wall. It will create that sophisticated feeling in the bedroom. Add greyscale photos and go with a dark-coloured rug. A metal lighting fixture can also find its place on the wall.
  • Use factory windows. These are common in industrial design. You’ll appreciate the sunlight, especially in the morning. Stained glass and curtains can also be an option.
  • Grey goes well with white. An industrial design can feature light shades. Make sure to include LED lights, oversized windows, and wall fixtures.

Other Styles That Could Fit White Drawers

The above list includes the main designs available. You can find other approaches to decorating your bedroom below:

  • Hollywood glam. This is a luxurious design featuring expensive high-end items. It allows mixing colours and often includes custom-ordered pieces.
  • Transitional. It’s a style that gives you the most freedom. It mixes modern and traditional. That’s why it’s the easiest one to match those white drawers for sale with other furniture pieces.
  • Coastal. You can use this style for the countryside and beach houses. The main colours include white, beige, and other light options. The primary purpose is to achieve high brightness levels, so big windows are mandatory.

Should My Bedroom Furniture Match?

Furniture items should match, but that doesn’t mean sticking to the same colour. White drawers are convenient because you can match them with other shades easily.

Don’t hesitate to use items from different collections. The only requirement is that they match the room’s décor. If you aren’t an expert, find the desired white drawer set and pick other furniture pieces from that edition.

How to Choose White Bedroom Drawers

Appearance matters, but don’t forget the functionality. Check out these features to assess when selecting a drawer set:

  • Size - can the item fit in the desired location?
  • Available compartments - do you need one, two, or more drawers?
  • Material - wood is the most frequent option since it presents the best value for money.
  • Budget - it’s important to determine how much you are ready to spend on this item.

Final Thoughts

White bedroom drawers fit with almost any style. From traditional and countryside to contemporary designs, you’ll find units suitable for the desired décor.

Many manufacturers even offer a drawer set as a part of their bedroom furniture collection. That can simplify the process of matching items. Alternatively, you can pick unit by unit to design the entire bedroom. You have a variety of white-coloured products available, especially in online stores. If the pieces meet the overall décor, they can be a smart long-term investment!