5 Types of Large White Chest of Drawers and Their Impact On Your Room Style

When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, there are plenty of options to choose from. Chest of drawers, or dressers, are both stylish and functional. Their purpose is to store clothing and other items to get them out of sight. Depending on the style and type of chest of drawers you choose from, you’ll change the final appearance of your bedroom. 

In this blog, we review five types of large white chest of drawers. We also review seven common styles that furniture comes in.

Materials of Chest of Drawers 


When looking for a chest of drawers, consider a material that will match your style. You'll also want to consider what maintenance is necessary. There are plenty of different options to choose from depending on the look you’re going for. Traditionally, dressers were made of wood. Now, manufacturers have branched into new territory to offer consumers more choices.

Some common options to choose from include:

  • Wood
  • Mirrored surfaces
  • Leather 
  • Metal
  • Wicker
  • Rattan

Types of Chest of Drawers

The composition and structure of the chest of drawers will make an impact on how the final product looks. Depending on the amount of storage you’ll need, there may be a better option to choose from. This may also differ depending on the space in your room.

These 5 types are the most commonly found structures or designs of dressers. 

Standard Vertical Chest of Drawers

A standard vertical chest of drawers is a perfect option for narrow bedrooms. If you have limited space, consider one of these. Instead of taking up horizontal space, this design will stack upon itself vertically. It is a taller option. 


An armoire is a subcategory of a standard vertical chest of drawers. It is a taller piece of furniture. Instead of being composed strictly of drawers, it will include a cupboard. This offers additional visual interest and a place to hang items. 

An armoire is perfect for those who are lacking closet space or prefer a traditional look.

Standard Horizontal Chest of Drawers 

This style is inspired by the chest. A standard horizontal chest of drawers is a horizontally-oriented dresser. It is composed of two columns of drawers. This option is excellent for longer walls and more oversized bedrooms.

Bachelor’s Chest

Perfectly named for the bachelor with minimal belongings is the bachelor’s chest. This is a marriage between a dresser and a nightstand. It’s often horizontally oriented. It includes a narrow frame but features only a single column of drawers.


A semainier is also referred to as a lingerie chest. It's traditionally designed to hold a drawer for each day of the week. This unique chest features seven drawers. It’s vertically-oriented. A semainier fits in narrow spaces with deep drawers to fit your belongings. 

An excellent example of a semainier is our Halifax White Painted Tallboy with 7 Drawers. Featuring a modern white finish and chic black handles, this piece only takes up the necessary floor space. If you’re looking to furnish a small office or guest bedroom, this dresser is the perfect addition. 


The style of your home sets you apart from everyone else. To create a cohesive and fluent atmosphere, following a general style guide is an excellent recommendation. Your bedroom furniture is no exception. 

With styles constantly changing, staying on top of trends will help. We’ve outlined 7 of our favourite modern-day styles for you to choose from. When shopping for bedroom furniture (including a dresser), apply your style. 


Rooted in elegant European design, traditional never goes out of style. Finish your bedroom with dark woods and rich hues. Traditional design often features opulent details and straight lines. We recommend featuring layers and lush fabrics such as velvet to finish off your traditional design. 

When shopping for a traditional chest of drawers, look for walnut, mahogany, cherry, or ebony. Pay attention to curved hardware in gold accents. 


Glam is a perfect design option for the fashionista or trend-setter. Inspired by Hollywood glam, it’s opulent and luxurious. It often features monochromatic finishes and rich fabrics such as velvet and tuftings. For bedroom furniture, choose mirrored finishes or other glamorous features. 


Stuck in a carefree era, such as the 70s? The Bohemian design might be the perfect option for you. The bohemian design has gained in popularity in the last couple of years. It features vintage furniture and mix-and-match furniture. Materials such as wood, wicker, and rattan are perfect for a bohemian bedroom. 

When it comes to this design, don’t overthink. Source items that are easy-going and make you happy. 


Pulling on a more “cold” atmosphere and inspired by a warehouse, industrial is new to the design game. Industrial design often features raw finishes and metal accents. Aside from a few pops of colour, it’s neutral with cool-coloured woods.

To choose an industrial chest of drawers, find a cool-hued wooden dresser with metal accents. Cool colours are identified as those that are blue or purple. Wood will often have a grey undertone to it as opposed to an orange or red undertone. 


Inspired by nature and a cottage-like lifestyle, rustic includes wood and stone elements. Rustic is exactly how it sounds - it features rustic or worn pieces that make a house feel like home. To build a rustic bedroom, look for wood furniture that isn’t heavily painted, and that doesn’t feature harsh metals.


Crisp, clean lines, and a mixture of different textiles outlines modern furniture. A modern design can feature wood, metal, or glass furniture, as long as it’s kept simple and sleek. Limit accessories and clutter to beautifully finish off a modern home.


Similar to modern design, contemporary is more strictly in the present than the future. It’s a fluid style that changes with current trends. It may include a mixture of different styles for a stylish home.

For a contemporary dresser, choose any item that matches well. Make your room look cohesive. The flexible nature of the contemporary design makes it popular and well-loved.


Choosing a great large white chest of drawers is an excellent way to transform your bedroom and provide more storage. Regardless of the style or design you’re looking for, there are plenty of ways to make your dream room. Shop from different options to complete your bedroom set.