6 Ways To Protect The Color of Your White Dining Room Table

A White dining room table is often sought-after thanks to its elegant look. However, some might be hesitant to purchase one because they fear its color could get damaged. This could end up making it look shabby. 

To assist you, this post will explain a few ways you can preserve its color. You’ll want to keep reading to learn what they are and how you can apply them.  

6 Ways to Protect the Color of Your White Dining Room Table

1. Keep it Out of the Sun

One of the most important things you can do to safeguard the table’s color is to keep it out of sunlight. The intensity of its UV rays can wear down the paint’s chemicals. This can cause it to dim and turn yellow. 

When positioning white furniture, do your best to place it out of the sun’s path. You can do this by installing it away from the windows. 

If you prefer to keep it in a room with them, consider using UV-blocking window filters. You can place the discreet film over the panes. While not noticeable, they’ll avert these dangerous rays from sneaking into the room. 

2. Use Slipcovers

Another way to take care of the table’s color is to put slipcovers over it. These can block the strong light and keep particles from collecting on their top. They’re also easy to put on and take off. 

Slipcovers often come in various designs. You’ll find everything from plain white ones to those with patterns. This way, you can invest in one that matches your preferences. 

3. Regularly Clean It

You also want to make sure to frequently clean your dining room table. While it might not seem like dust and allergens would be that big of a deal, they can be. Surprisingly, the longer they linger the more likely they’ll fade their color. This is because they absorb sunlight. This can invite its powerful rays to create even more damage. 

Besides this, particles can make your furniture look dull. They can create a thick film that can mask its natural color. 

Keep in mind that while white furniture isn’t fussy, you still need to be gentle with it. If you use harsh chemicals, they could seep into the material. This could cause it to bubble or even discolor. 

Here are some safe cleaning methods to use on your white table. 

Try a Lint Roller

One way to get rid of table debris is by running a lint roller over it. This tool’s sticky pad will attach to the particles but won’t leave behind residue. When you’re done, rip the current pad off to get a clean one. 

You’ll want to use the lint roller at least once a week on your white table. This will prevent the particles from building up. 

Apply a Vinegar and Water Solution

Some might be skeptical to use a liquid on their table. While it can sometimes cause the surface to buckle, it’s usually because it wasn’t dried. This problem could also be due to an excessive amount being poured on it. But, if done properly, it’s a great help at removing stains and grime. 

To make a vinegar and water application, mix about one cup of vinegar with four cups of lukewarm water. After you do, take a clean cloth and dip it into the solution. Wring it out and rub it over your table. Once you apply it over the problem areas, take another cloth and wipe them dry. To ensure everything is fully dry you could also blow a fan on it. 

Rub a Microfiber Cloth Over It

You could also scrub a microfiber cloth over your table. This special rag has fibers that cling to hidden particles. This way, nothing gets left behind. 

You’ll want to use the cloth at least once a week. This will prevent debris from collecting on the table. 

If you want to do a deeper clean, consider dipping the rag in a cold, soapy mixture. This can loosen up particles and give your table a beautiful shine. Make sure though to dry the table or the water could warp it. 

4. Avoid Bleach

Bleach should always be avoided. It can leave behind an unsightly stain and even damage your furniture. In fact, too much bleach could result in the table yellowing. 

If you prefer to use it, verify that it’s a gentle selection. If you choose a harsh bleach, such as a disinfecting one, it can instantly ruin the table. Regardless of the one you use, only apply a minuscule amount. 

5. Polish it Yearly

Smearing polish once a year can also protect the table’s color. This won’t only enhance its looks but can hide scratches. 

To use a polish, simply dip a clean cloth into it. Then, take the rag and rub it around the furniture in circular motions. Continue this process until everything is covered in it. If the table has small crevices, use a fine bristle brush to get into them. Once the table is fully covered, give it time to dry. This usually will only be about only an hour. 

Remember, you only want to use polish once a year. If you use it too often it can ruin the table. It could also make it appear greasy. 

6. Examine the Furniture’s Cleaning Requirements

Many furniture pieces will come with a tag. This paper will usually contain cleaning instructions. This can guide you toward the right way to wash the piece. 

If the furniture doesn’t have it, ask the seller for tips. They can suggest ways to safely clean white tables. 

To Sum Things Up

It’s important to protect your white dining room table’s color if you don’t want it to deteriorate. By using these tips, you can easily maintain it so it lasts for years. 

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