6 All-Time White Wooden Bedside Table Styles That Give Off A Country Charm

Country furniture comes with an impressive charm that’s hard to resist. These items are bright and obtrusive, yet they can improve any décor. Thanks to their neutrality, they can fit vintage and traditional, but also modern interiors.

This article can be of assistance when looking for a white wooden bedside table for your sleeping area. You’ll learn about different styles and features. That’ll empower you to discover the most suitable unit for your room!

What Wooden White Table Fits the Country Style?

Many brands design furniture pieces that blend with countryside decors. That gives sufficient options to choose a suitable table. Here are the top unit selections you might find fitting for your bedroom!

1. A Classic Table with Shelves

Is your primary concern to get a functional wooden table? If yes, here is how to maximize this product’s usefulness:

  • It should feature at least one drawer or closed compartment.
  • The top surface should be smooth and convenient for placing smartphones, books, and even fixtures.
  • Shelves at the bottom can serve for placing items you need to reach quickly.

Brands are aware of the importance of functionality. That’s why they have at least a single bedside table with shelves and drawers in their collection. The country charm comes from the wooden material, but also details. That includes things antique brass hardware and white paint.

2. Go for Dividers Instead of Shelves

Your white wooden bedside table doesn’t need to have shelves. What if you are a fan of reading magazines or books? It looks much better when storing them in a vertical position. That’s where dividers come into play. 

These split the bottom section of your cabinet into multiple compartments. Depending on the unit size, you could have three or more sections. That gives you plenty of storage room. You’ll still have the top surface available as a “shelf.” You can place your smartphones and even decorative items on them.

3. An All-Drawer Combination

You can be diligent and clean regularly, but dust is more persistent. If you miss a couple of days, you’ll see debris on your unit’s shelves. What’s the solution? The answer lies in finding a bedside table that features only closed compartments.

A white-painted cabinet with three drawers can be your perfect bedside asset. You can position the alarm clock, smartphone, and other units on top. Anything that you don’t require currently or want to store out of sight goes into compartments. That includes your underwear, pajamas, and similar items. They’ll always be nearby, and the room’s design will remain neat and clear.

4. Break the Monotony with a Rattan Basket

A small wooden bedside table has always been your dream. Although you want the white colour to dominate, how about adding some more colour? Apart from the drawer knobs, consider placing a rattan basket.

This unit can be the middle of the three compartments. It would look like you took out one drawer and placed a basket. The brown rattan design will fit perfectly and secure that countryside charm. After all, these accessories are in line with that style.

A drawer in that position might offer more space. However, a rattan basket will boost the aesthetics and can fit the overall décor well. You can place magazines and comics to pull them out easily when you feel like reading.

5. Go for the Extra Size

You might need more room for storing items, which implies you require a grand-size table. These units stick to the familiar all-white design. The wooden materials like composite and mahogany options will fit your country décor. Depending on the brand chosen, you can pick from a version with shelves or dividers.

The cost shouldn’t be a problem. If you find a for sale wooden table, the price difference shouldn’t be significant compared to standard-sized units. The only thing to consider is that it fits the desired location. You can measure the space available on the spot. Compare those measurements with the preferred product’s dimensions to ensure it’s a suitable choice.

6. A Simple Side Table

You might have a wardrobe in your room already. That’s why functionality isn’t your priority when looking for a bedside table. It’s enough that you can place your phone, watch, and other essentials there while sleeping.

That means you can focus on aesthetics, and that’s where a single-drawer table fits well. The compartment and the top surface still serve for storage. You’ll even have a bottom rack, except there won’t be the backside. That makes this item a great choice if you aren’t putting it against the wall.

Why Should You Choose a Country White Wooden Bedside Table?

Many would describe this style as elegant and sophisticated. If that’s not sufficient, check out these benefits of using these units:

  • It’s excellent for vintage and countryside interiors. You can use it for a summerhouse, but also your main home in the city. The versatility ensures it will fit well with most other furniture pieces.
  • It’s light and elegant. Many would describe white country units as unobtrusive. They are capable of adding brightness without being dominant. It’s a fine combination for a bedroom.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting. If you choose the right brands and wooden materials, the unit will last for years. White paint is timeless, which means your piece won’t go out of style.

Tips on Choosing a Country White Bedside Table

Is it your first time purchasing this furniture piece? Would you appreciate advice on how to find a suitable unit? Use these things as guidance when choosing a unit:

  • Compartments. Start by considering your storage requirements. Do you need a top surface and a single drawer, or you’d prefer more sections? Can you benefit from a rack or shelf?
  • Size. There’s no use in finding a piece too big for your sleeping area. Make sure the product isn’t too small for that section, either. Otherwise, the environment will swallow it, and it might not even be useful.
  • Material. You can’t go wrong with wood. A combination of composite and mahogany or a similar compound seems a smart choice. It ensures an optimal price tag while maximizing the unit’s durability.

Final Thoughts

Applying the country style to your sleeping area will ensure a relaxing environment. Apart from a comfortable mattress, finding a white wooden bedside table is crucial. You can store essentials on top and other items on shelves or in drawers. This furniture piece will blend in well and give you that additional space you required. Go ahead and pick the unit you like to spice up the bedroom’s appearance and functionality!