7 Colors You Can Match With Your White Wooden Frames

Choosing a suitable color scheme is a valid point to start your interior decor. But most individuals face the challenge of matching an appropriate color with home furniture pieces. Using non-matching colors with white wooden frames can disrupt your interior design flow. So, what comes to mind is, what colors can I match with this furniture?

Wooden frames in various rooms dictate your home color flow. And it is best to let these frames’ colors serve as a base while blending them with other shades. In this guide, you will learn about colors you can match with your white frames and color selection tips. So let’s check these points!



Are you having a tough time choosing the best color for your wooden frames? Here are seven options you can consider;

1. Black

Black and white are versatile and contrast colors; hence, they give you one of the best natural flows. Black is elegant and can fit almost every surface and clothing in your room. This color match can’t go wrong with your white wooden frame. You can make black a direct contrast to your white frame. 

2. Red 

This bright hue gives your room a romantic feeling. It is a perfect fit for white frames, particularly in the bedroom. Red provides contrast for white. Besides, it makes the room warm and welcoming. 

But unlike black, red will not fit every surface. It is often suitable for bed clothing.  You can match it with white frames in other rooms like your kitchen. 

3. Gold 

Gold is unique and adds a touch of royalty and class to your bedroom. Using a king-size bed or a queen-size bed reinforces this color’s royalty feel. It blends well without forcing in much design.

Gold is not as sharp as other colors. But its hue gives your room a perfect flow. Likewise, matching gold with white frames allows you to add touches of different shades. It complements the universality of white. 

4. Green

Do you want a natural feel in your bedroom sets? Consider matching various shades of green with your white wooden bed frames. Green signifies life, and it adds this touch to your room. Apart from being trendy and famous, it also gives you nature’s feel. 

Mint green is the most suitable shade for matching your white frames. But it doesn't mean other green shades won't blend. You can check out different shades for more selection options.

5. Brown 

Brown is another versatile color to consider. It offers contrast, elegance, and class at once. The color complements the sharpness of white by giving it a silky appearance. 

Unlike red, brown is suitable for various surfaces in the room. You can match it as your bed clothing color. Brown also fits other furniture pieces and clothing. And every shade of brown mixes well with white. But the most trendy color option is chocolate brown. 

6. Charcoal 

First off, it is crucial to note that charcoal is not the same as the black. The charcoal shade is a black and brown blend. Its black shade creates a contrast with white, while the brown shade makes it silky. 

Charcoal can be your bed clothing, flooring, or other furniture frames. If you use a king-size bed, you can make half of the bed clothing white and the other half charcoal. This idea will help you add class and style while matching your bed frame and bed clothing colors. 

7. Pink 

Do you want a color that gives a customized feeling? Pink is one of such colors. It is gender-biased as most people see it as a feminine color. So, you can expect it to fit well with your queen size bed. 

You can also match pink with white frames in your children's room. It adds sharpness to the room. Besides, it will provide lasting and colorful memories for them. 


Color is an essential factor to consider when getting bedroom sets. And furniture color plays a vital role in a room’s appearance. If you want to create color designs and styles with ease, it is best to ensure your furniture matches. 

Matching furniture is a beautiful way to start your interior decor. It gives you a dependable template to create a color flow. Besides, it saves you the hassle of finding matching shades for diverse furniture.


Several colors match white wooden frames. But it is awkward to explore all available color options. You must discover the appropriate color selection that is perfect for you. Is it challenging for you to select your preferred color? Then, what you need are hue selection tips.

Color choice is personal. Besides seeking help with colors that match, other decisions are subject to preference. Copying abstract colors might not suit your needs. But you can customize your preferred colors to flow with your home color layout.

Here are some helpful tips to aid your selection for the best matching color for your white frames;

  • Understand the style you want to create or the trend you want to follow.
  • Use matching furniture.
  • Choose colors that reflect your personality. 
  • Avoid using many color pairs.
  • Integrate color alternation in your plans or use contrast colors for white. 
  • Avoid burdening your space with many colors.
  • Coordinate your patterns if you want to use color overlap.
  • Picture the outcome before you start.
  • Consider using a template of a similar color blend.


White wooden bed frames dictate the color flow in your room. An effective way to tackle this is to match white frames with suitable colors. With this guide, making a color selection for your white frames shouldn't be an issue. 

Using matching color hues with white wooden frames it can help you achieve your dream designs. White Tree Furniture has diverse options in its inventory that are worth your consideration. Give your room the best feeling by exploring these options.