7 Farmhouse Furniture Style To Incorporate with Your White Storage Cabinet

The farmhouse style is a favorite for many homeowners thanks to its rustic ambiance. This can transform a space into a homey area even if you have a modern white storage cabinet in it. 

This post will explore some of its furniture variations to use with your storage cabinet. Keep reading to discover what they are and how you can integrate them into your residence. 

7 Farmhouse Furniture Styles to Mix With Your White Storage Cabinet

1. Insert Barn Boards

Barn boards are a sought-after farmhouse furniture design. These worn pieces add a pastoral look. You’ll also notice that the boards come in countless colors. These range from brown to red. 

Many times, you can buy replica barn boards. These appear to be old but are made with the latest materials. But, if you want authentic, you can search local antique stores or garage sales to purchase them. You could also browse online to find some rare deals. 

To mix it with your white storage cabinet, consider installing the boards on the wall. You can then press the cabinet against it. This can create a unique contrast. 

2. Add Wicker

Wicker has long been used in country homes. This woven material isn’t only durable but has an airy look. This can make the room look more inviting. 

In most cases, less wicker is better than too much. If you add a lot of wickers, it can look unsightly. But, with the simple addition of a wicker chair or couch, it will still stand out. Placing it by your cabinet can also help this piece be a focal point. 

3. Use Vintage Furniture

Farmhouse style focuses on old-fashioned decor. What better way to embrace this idea than with antique furniture

By adding a few vintage items around the room, such as apron sinks, you can create a calm and refined atmosphere. It will also draw attention to your storage cabinet. 

Keep in mind that you don’t want to go overboard with the furniture. While it can be fun to shop for, too much can make the room appear cluttered. 

Instead, brainstorm how you want to space to look. Pick three essential bygone pieces and plan where you’ll place them. Once this is done, you can work around these items. 

4. Utilize Slipcovers

Another design to include with your storage cabinet is slipcovers. You can slide these over various furniture types, especially couches and chairs. These come in a plethora of patterns. This way, you can mix-and-match them with your light-colored storage cabinet. Besides this, they can protect the pieces from dust and UV-ray damage. 

5. Try Weathered Exteriors

As previously mentioned, the farmhouse trend puts a spotlight on country decor. In many farmhouses, you’ll observe that things aren’t spick-and-span. Instead, they’re slightly worn. 

Remember, worn doesn’t mean crumbling. This instead looks to make an item appear well-used and loved.

You can buy pre-weathered items or distress them yourself. To do so, simply take some sandpaper and rub it over its exterior. This will allow the grains to remove parts of the finish. Once this is done, paint the desired color over it. 

After the paint is dry, use a new sandpaper piece and scrub it over the item again. You can also use steel wool. This option won’t take off as much paint as sandpaper but will still give it an aged appearance. When you’ve given it the perfect weathered look, use a dust vacuum to remove particles. You can then seal it with polyurethane. 

6. Look Into Gingham

Gingham is a recognizable part of the farmhouse style. While it has been used throughout time, it gained traction in the 20th-century. Its check-mark design comes in a variety of hues, but the most in-demand is red and white. 

You can include gingham in several ways. This includes using it on cushions, curtains, and tablecloths. You could also line cabinets with it. 

7. Consider Open Cabinets

Removing cabinet doors can create a spacious look in the room. You can buy a doorless cabinet or go the DIY route. If you choose the latter, all you have to do is unscrew the doors and hinges from it. 

But, if you don’t want to unfasten the doors, invest in a cabinet that has glass panels. There is still a covering but it gives an open look. 

There is an art to open cabinets. Make sure to not stuff plates and utensils in it. Instead, layer them and sort them based on their size and color. 

Classic vs. Modern Farmhouse 

Halifax White Storage Cabinet with Glass Doors (item on the left) and Halifax Tall Bookcase with Low Drawer (on the right)

You’ll come across two farmhouse styles: classic and modern. While they both focus on a country theme, they do so in different ways. 


This option uses only simple designs. You won’t find many bright colors in it. But, you will see the addition of vintage furniture and plenty of natural elements. 

Many classic styles also use kitsch decor. While it might seem junky to some, the decor oddly adds a cozy aura. Some types to use include:

  • Sunflower or animal paintings
  • Fruit or vegetable-inspired wallpaper
  • Farm-themed planters 


The modern farmhouse option displays a neutral palette. Despite this, it’s more open to colors and contemporary appliances. You’ll notice that vintage furniture isn’t used, but rather mid-century selections. 

Does Dining Room Furniture Have to Match?

You are free to adorn your dining room however you desire. Sometimes, the most impressive looks are those that are a bit quirky. Still, it has to be done right. If you mingle with contrasting items too much, it can make the room look strange. 

To prevent this, think of a main theme for the room. Once you decorate it with this concept, slowly add a few pieces and colors that might not match. 


A White storage cabinet can easily be blended in with farmhouse furniture styles. By keeping these tips in mind, you can determine the best option for your needs. 

If you’re on the search for a storage cabinet to use in your home, check out White Tree Furniture’s inventory. You’ll find a vast selection to choose from that covers all tastes. 

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