7 Styles of White Oak Coffee Table That Works Best With Any Living Room

Coffee tables are an excellent addition to living rooms. They not only add a certain elegance but can bring the room together.

During your search, you’ll come across a vast array of furnishings. If you’re curious to learn more about the available styles, check out this article. You’ll discover some of the top white oak coffee table choices. 

7 White Oak Coffee Table Designs for Your Living Room

1. Contemporary

This is known for its sleek lines. You’ll observe that its legs are narrow or feature a trestle bottom. These selections also vary in their height. Some will be tall while others might be low to the ground. 

In a few cases, contemporary coffee tables will have a glass top. This gives them a unique look and can help reflect light. This trick can make the room appear brighter and more spacious. This covering is also sturdy and durable so it can withstand heavy usage. 

Keep in mind that these options are slightly different from modern ones. While they share some details, they vary. Modern pieces have neutral and sharp lines. Contemporary pieces also showcase these. But, they are constantly changing with their angles and palettes. Because of this, there’s always something new. 

2. Rustic

If you enjoy natural appearances, a rustic coffee table might be ideal. This style encompasses organic and earthy components that match almost every design concept. Due to this, you’ll find that alongside white, rustic oak tables exhibit gray and green tones. 

Many times, you’ll also find that these pieces are handmade. This is because they deal with some sensitive pieces that need to be delicately applied. But, once fully assembled, they tend to be long-lasting. 

3. Mid-Century Modern

This option reflects the aesthetics of the 1950s and 1960s. It’s popular for its organic angles and hues. Besides their looks, mid-century items are known for their functionality. In other words, they not only have beautiful designs but are sturdy. 

They have related characteristics to modern pieces. Yet, you’ll notice that they’re a bit brighter. 

4. Traditional

Conventional coffee tables are simple. They usually have straight lines and etched images on the drawers. 

Unlike other alternatives, this is usually coated only in white. Despite the lack of hues, this allows the furnishing to work with almost every living room style. So, while it might be labeled traditional, it can sometimes be used for modern spaces.

5. Shaker

This type appears similar to traditional tables but has a few differences. One is its legs. You’ll note that contrary to others, shaker pieces use tapered legs. These will occasionally have knobs situated on them. The tables are commonly constructed out of light wood, such as oak, pine, and maple. 

6. Coastal

Sometimes, you might uncover an oak table designed with seaside inspiration. Often, they’ll come in small square shapes and have a laid-back appearance. Depending on the manufacturer, some might also incorporate driftwood. 

7. Industrial

This is another style you might see during your search. While it uses corresponding lines and colors of modern pieces, it has a cleaner look. It blends wood and metal to make a heavy-duty table. A handful might also have wheels at the bottom. This way, you can roll it around. 

Why Oak?

With all the wood choices available, why should you invest in an oak piece?

One reason why many seek this furniture is its durability. Thanks to its thickness, it’s generally used for most furnishings. It also seals well so you don’t need to be concerned about it warping. 

This material also displays stunning natural grains. Once the oak table is furnished, you’ll notice these swirls are even more enhanced. 

In addition to this, oak is versatile. Whether your living room is modern or contemporary, it will fit in. 

How to Determine the Right Coffee Table

To ensure you purchase the right option here are some aspects to contemplate. 

Its Size

One factor to consider is the furniture’s size. If you invest in a piece that has the wrong dimensions it will look out of place. 

Most of these items will have a width of 18-20 inches and a length of 36-38 inches. Overall, for living rooms, the coffee table should be about 30 inches shorter than the room’s couch. 

If there isn’t a sofa, examine the section where you plan to position it. Ideally, the table should be proportional to the items around it. If its height and length don’t combine well, it could end up taking away from the piece. The best way to decide on the right dimensions is simply to eye it. This is typically one of the only ways you can get a true sense of how it will appear. 

Its Shape

You might also want to check out the table’s shape. While this might seem like a minor detail, it’s one of the most crucial. The form is what can help bring the room together. Besides this, it will also play along with the table’s size. For instance, a circular table will be a bit smaller than a rectangular one. 

Its Style

It’s vital to inspect the furnishing’s design. If it doesn’t match the room, it will make the space appear mismatched. To make sure you pick the right one, review the different elements of each option. 

Its Durability

You’ll also want to verify that the table is hardwearing. If you get a table made with flimsy materials, you’ll notice it will ruin easily. To avert this, scan each item’s materials to get an understanding of how it will hold up. This is important if you plan to use the coffee table often. 


Coffee tables are a superb way to add flair and organization to your living room. They come in numerous arrangements so you can find one that matches the area’s theme.

If you’re on the search for a white oak coffee table, make sure to keep the tips above in mind. They’ll help you figure out the right one for your home.