9 Ways To Make Your White Bedside Table Look Luxurious

Transforming your bedroom into a luxurious living space is easier said than done. White furniture is both transitional and classic. It works with a variety of different styles and decor pieces. As you begin to piece together your bedroom furniture, it’s normal to want your room to feel both luxurious and cozy. After all, it’s where you spend the majority of your downtime in your home. 

Follow nine of our favourite ways to make your white bedside table look luxurious.

Be Particular With Decor 

The decor is an excellent way to elevate a living space and transform a drab area into an outstanding space. It creates a look that is luxurious to visitors. By being strategic with your decor pieces, your bedroom will begin to come together. 

Decor includes any piece that you’ve found at Home Goods or one of your favourite furniture stores. Some of the best pieces to add to your bedroom include: 


Both functional and stylish! A lamp will help illuminate your space while also adding additional visual interest. Choose from floor lamps, hanging lamps, and tabletops lamps. This will depend on the placement that best suits your needs. 


You can never go wrong with a bit of greenery. Whether you choose to go with a real or faux plant, it’ll add life to your living space. Natural plants also help filter the air and provide oxygen to your space. Make sure to be mindful of real plants if you have pets - some can be toxic to animals. 

Throw Pillows

Add comfort and texture to your bedroom! Throw pillows are a perfect way to layer your bedroom for more visual interest. Laying different rows of throw pillows of different colours and patterns will help transform your living space and build on the style you’ve chosen. 

Picture Frames and Artwork

A perfect way to take up wall space, add layers, and strengthen the personal style you’re going for. Artwork takes any living space up a level. Choose from canvases, paintings, or personal picture frames. This can be an excellent way to add a pop of colour to your room or add a personalized touch that makes it feel like home. 

Choose Your Personal Style 

Knowing your interior design style is essential for creating a cohesive, fluent bedroom. When it comes to choosing your personal style, you’ll want to consider the many different options and what elements most speak to you. Regardless if you choose industrial, bohemian, or modern, you can make your style match beautifully with a white side table. 

There are many different styles to choose from, but some of the most popular include: 


Pair metal, brick walls, ductwork, leather, and rustic accents are key factors for industrial design. Inspired by factories and urban populations, it has made a comeback over the past few years. 


Inspired by the free-loving and carefree movement of the 1960s, bohemian is known for texture and layers. Mixing different features and accents without being too strict characterizes the bohemian lifestyle. Enjoy greenery and pieces from travels.


Modern style is known for being simple and featuring the odd pop of colours, such as olive green or orange. The odd wood accent or cement feature adds to mid-century modern. Lines are kept crisp and straightforward.

Modern Farmhouse

A play on the ever-so-popular rustic style, modern farmhouse marries rustic with modern. Enjoy warm tones and salvaged wood finishes with neutral colours. Iron accents can be found throughout the style, and shiplap is never far from a modern farmhouse. 

Create a Feature Wall

Feature walls elevate a bedroom and add a level of moodiness. Instead of having all four walls in one colour or style, you can add a feature wall to create visual interest. There are plenty of different feature walls that you can use. Some of the most popular are:

  • Paint: Painting a feature wall is always a good idea! It’s the least time-consuming, and you can choose from a variety of different colours. 
  • Wallpaper: Though a little bit more time-consuming than paint, the wallpaper looks excellent in a bedroom. Choose between floral or geometric prints depending on your unique style.
  • Board and batten: A more traditional and luxurious effect, board and batten dates back to the 1900s. It’ll easily give a vintage flair to any gorgeous bedroom. 
  • Wood panelling: If you love the look of a rustic or modern farmhouse, wood panelling is an excellent option for you. Laying wood horizontally will add a rustic flair to your bedroom and provide the cozy, at-home feel that you’ve always dreamt of. 
  • Decals: Do you like the look of wallpaper but don’t want to commit to the time and tedious work of it? Decals are an excellent option. Decals aren’t as tricky to install but still give a similar vibe. Choose from large floral pieces or text to add to your wall. 
  • Brick: Brick might be challenging to install, but it gives a New York speakeasy feel to any bedroom. 
  • Tile: Go for the mosaic look by installing geometric tile in your bedroom. Be careful when choosing tile to ensure that it isn’t easily breakable. 

Pair with Matching Furniture 

To really make your bedroom look luxurious, you want to pair it with matching furniture pieces. If you’re missing important furniture, your bedroom will begin to look incomplete or messy. Some other essential furniture you must include:

  • Dresser or chest of drawers: Store extra clothes, lingerie, and personal effects in your dresser. You can choose from different types of dressers, including vertical or horizontal designs, armoires, bachelor’s chest, gentleman’s chest, or more. 
  • Bedframe: A bedroom isn’t complete without an elegant bed frame. Gone are the days where a mattress was laid to rest on the floor. Choose a bed frame that matches your personal style while also providing depth and height to your bed. 
  • Mirror: Add a mirror to the bedroom. It adds depth to the bedroom and makes the room appear larger than it is. 
  • Rug: Adding a rug is necessary to all luxurious rooms. Choose a rug that is larger than the bed and provides comfort as you crawl out of your cozy bed in the early morning. 
  • Bench: If you have space in your bedroom, adding a bench provides extra seating and extra storage in your bedroom. 

Add a Beautiful Light Fixture

Lighting makes a huge difference in any bedroom! It is responsible for adding brightness to the room but also counts as a large decor piece. When picking a light, you want to consider the design of your bedroom and how bright you want your room to be. A good fixture is definitely an investment, but it creates a huge impact in any space.

There are some basic rules when it comes to choosing the best lighting for your bedroom:

  • Quality versus quantity! The brightest light or the largest light fixture isn’t always the best option in the bedroom. Be realistic about how much light you need. 
  • When choosing lighting, consider how you want to feel. For a bedroom, you probably want to feel warm and cozy. This might suggest that you lean toward warm lighting with a dimmable switch. 
  • Emphasize the light where you really need it. For example, you’ll want the primary source of light in your bedroom to be your main fixture on the roof. You may want to accent the lamps on the nightstands where you read. 
  • Consider natural light! When determining how much light you need in your space, you’ll want to weigh out natural lighting. Natural lighting will alter how much light you truly need to make your space pop. 

Make Your Ceiling Pop 

One severely underrated design: a feature ceiling. Over the past several years, people have gotten caught up with feature walls, and have forgotten about the eclectic feature ceiling. A feature ceiling adds a level of opulence to your living space. It transforms a drab area into a luxurious room that is fit for the royals. 

There are plenty of ways you can make your ceiling pop, including: 

Painted Ceilings

For years, ceilings have always defaulted to white or cream. However, we can get a lot more creative than that. You can pull the colour from your walls onto your roof or choose a contrasting colour to really make your ceiling pop. 

This is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to transform your room in a  big way. 

Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings refer to a self-supporting arch on the roof of the house. It usually involves an angle or beams that add to the ceiling. They are something that has to be considered during the building of your home, but they are luxe and beautiful! They make a room look larger and add a significant amount of interest to your bedroom. 

Ceiling Medallions

Looking for something that looks vintage, elegant, and is relatively easy to achieve? Try ceiling medallions! These are especially good around light fixtures and add a Greek-like flair to a room. 

Play with Patterns

Are you looking to make your white wooden bedside table look more luxurious? Patterns are a good option. They add a flair to your bedroom and will beautifully contrast with the white of the bedside table. 

You can choose from a variety of patterns depending on the design you’ve chosen to go with. Some of our favourite patterns include:

  • Chevron
  • Checkered
  • Floral
  • Damask
  • Basketweave 
  • Brocade

Using patterns on throw pillows and throw blankets is the perfect way to subtly include them into the bedroom. If you’re feeling especially bold, choose a patterned wallpaper for a feature wall. 

Use Layering and Textures

One of the best ways to contrast a white table is to use lots of layering and textures throughout the bedroom. The bedside table provides a clean, crisp look that isn’t distracting. Continue to add visual interest with more textures throughout the room. 

To layer, use lots of different throws, pillows, and rugs. This will provide a comfortable, contrasting place for you to rest your head at night. You can also use different canvases, photo frames, and figurines to add layers to the bedroom. 

When it comes to decorating, be open-minded and push the gauntlet. The best thing about a white side table is it's easy to match with and it will easily pop in a sea full of texture. Minimize your use of creams and other warm neutrals to allow the white to shine through. 

Create a Reading Nook

One of the best ways to make your white table pop is to add other furniture that compliments it. Adding a reading nook to a bedroom is both functional and beautiful. After a long day at work, having a quiet place to sit down and read provides comfort and solitude.

When it comes to a reading nook, you’ll want to add one of the most comfortable chairs in your home. This may be an armchair or a chaise lounge. If you choose an armchair, include an ottoman to put your feet up. Since you have a white side table, you’ll want to draw in white elements for matching purposes. Add a white basket or tray to your ottoman. 

In your reading nook, you’ll also want to include a side table to put your cup of coffee or book on. This will add convenience to your morning or evening read. Add a floor lamp to illuminate your book as you flip through the pages. 

In order to really tie your reading nook together, throw a sheepskin rug underneath or a throw blanket overtop of the chair. This will make the nook look even more comfortable and relaxing! 


Take your room to new heights by following these tips on how to make your white bedside table look luxurious. By taking these small steps, you can transform your bedroom into a comfortable, well-styled room that adds to your entire home. Going the extra mile for your bedroom is imperative for a good night’s sleep.