Finding the Right Spot for Your White Extendable Dining Table Outdoors

As warmer months approach, many desire to spend their days outside. A white extendable dining table is a useful way to encourage this. It can be used as a place to serve meals or hold items, like glasses and flower vases. But, it can be difficult sometimes to determine the right spot to place it. 

This article will explore a few methods you can use to figure out the best location. If you’d like to learn more, you’ll want to keep reading.

4 Tips to Find the Right Outdoor Place to Situate Your White Extendable Dining Table

1. Consider its Size and Shape

The table’s size and shape are vital to think of when searching for the right area. If the space is too small, the furniture might look awkward. But, if it’s too big, it might be difficult to adjust it in the right way. 

Besides the table’s actual size and shape, examine the accessories you’ll use with it. These include chairs and benches. If there isn’t adequate space, it could be hard to enjoy the piece. 

All this will also affect traffic flow. If the size or shape is too substantial it could be difficult to move around. This might crowd it and make it susceptible to damages.

To ensure that your choice works, check its dimensions. Then, head out to the point where you plan to put it. Mark these measurements. This will give you a visual guide about how the piece will look in it. 

2. Look for Shaded Sites

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is shade. White tables can quickly be destroyed by the sun. Its strong rays can fade the table’s color and cause it to turn yellow. 

You’ll want to prop the table in a shaded space. This could be beneath an awning or a large tree. If these aren’t available, think about purchasing an umbrella. Many times, outdoor tables have umbrella slots where you can insert this shade tool. If they don’t, you can buy an umbrella stand at a place near it. 

Other ways you can shade your table include:

  • Placing it inside a gazebo
  • Putting a removable canopy over it
  • Creating a pavilion equipped with patio curtains

3. Brainstorm What You’ll Use it For

Another way to find the right table position is to contemplate its purpose. Will you use it only for entertainment? Will you need it for daily meals? 

In most cases, the table’s aim will affect where you need to place it. If you plan for it to be the backdrop for parties, you might want to place it away from cramped sections. You might also want to arrange it near any outdoor fireplaces or similar enticements. 

But, if you want a table for quiet family gatherings, you might instead situate it in the middle of things. This way, it isn’t strangely pushed away from your home. It will also make it easier to access. 

4. Check the Surrounding Landscape

The nearby scenery is something you’ll want to closely pay attention to. If you have unsightly settings nearby (like a trash pile) it could take away from your dining table. Because of this, place the table in a direction that has a pleasant view. 

You might need to experiment with the piece for a bit to find the right direction. Ideally, pick a focal point. This will guarantee that your table has a good perspective because it faces it.  

Caring for Your Outdoor Dining Table

Once you find the right outdoor position you’ll need to make sure to regularly maintain your table. Here are some ways you can keep it in good condition while it’s outside.  

Cover It

You always want to put slipcovers over your table when you’re done using them. This not only safeguards it from rain and dirt but from pesky UV rays. 

You’ll find that the covers come in a variety of designs so you can choose one that fits your taste. 

To use the covers, simply slide them over the table. They’re usually snug so you don’t need to be concerned about them flying off. However, to be on the safe side, try placing something on top of it. This could be a flower vase or an outdoor lantern. These can serve as a stylish centerpiece while keeping the cover in place. 

Frequently Clean It

White can be a tricky color to care for. If you use incorrect cleaning agents, you risk warping its finish. Yet, if you don’t wipe it off, it will collect grime and become discolored. 

To assure your table stays pristine consider these tips. 

  • Spray warm, soapy water over problem areas. You’ll then need to use a towel to wipe it off. 
  • Add a touch of vinegar to deep stains or mildew. Use a toothbrush to make circular motions over the blemish so it soaks in. Then, take a cloth and dry it. 
  • Use a duster to wipe off the exterior from debris. 
  • Peel away bubbling specks with sandpaper. Once this is done, repaint the patches. 

Make sure to deep clean your table at least once a year. This can help you catch hidden problems and ensure the piece stays durable. 

Remember, while water is handy, too much can be damaging. Due to this, only use only a small amount at a time. 

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each dining table is unique so it’s important to read through the instructions that came with it. These can guide you toward the right ways to care for the piece. 

If your table didn’t come with any, contact your furniture dealer. They can assist you with finding this information. 


Finding the right outdoor location for your dining table can be tough. By using these valuable tips, you can easily decide on the right spot. 

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