Shabby Chic Furniture

Today we’ll talk about Shabby Chic.

You’ve heard the term “shabby chic” used often when it comes to furniture. It has become quite popular from 2010 onward and you may be among its fans.

Shabby chic is furniture and accessories with a vintage or cottage style that appears slightly worn in the course of many years. With a nostalgic, used effect, Shabby Chic presents a feminine character and ornate style.

What is interesting about this style is how it makes you reminisce about a bygone era with a romantic, nostalgic and feminine interpretation of that era..

Color wise, we see the predominance of white and cream tones, light greens, blues and red in moderation. 

Remember, this furniture is intended to look old and used, but in a very charming and uplifting way. Hence different techniques are used to age the furniture to achieve this effect. 

A good set of Shabby Chic furniture will make you feel in the French countryside or a charming summer house somewhere in the South of England.

In the future we will again bring Shabby Chic furniture to White Tree Furniture due to its evident popularity. 

Source of information: HQ Designs