What is Transitional Furniture?

We’ve been blogging about furniture history for some time now. Today we’ll cover an interesting furniture style called Transitional. It is increasingly popular and with good reason. 

Transitional furniture is a combination of Traditional furniture with Contemporary furniture. We are mixing up the two styles and getting the best of both worlds to achieve a versatile and attractive look.

While this style uses the classic lines of Traditional, colors and furnishings tend to be more Contemporary. So for example, there are less patterns in Transitional and when they exist they tend to be more subdued, like a muted geometric. 

Furthermore, Transitional features are not as ornate as Traditional and we find a use of novel materials we don’t find in Traditional, such as rattan, sisal and jute.

Toning down traditional elements and putting a bit of a Contemporary spin on things is what Transitional is all about. But nonetheless, we must note that Transitional is not as bold as Contemporary.

It doesn’t employ angular shapes, instead it uses the soft rounded looks of Traditional furniture. Also, it is not as spartan as Contemporary. It is the sweet spot between the two.

If you are interested in decorating a home with Transitional style it is a good idea to anchor your decor with Traditional style elements that you are comfortable with and then think of ways in which you can add some flair to it like pops of colors here and there, minimal accessories and so on. The idea is to break the pattern of Traditional symmetry a little bit, to add that contemporary flair.

If you want a contemporary style with a comfortable twist, the Transitional might be the answer you are looking for. You can mix and match until your home is welcoming you with open arms.

Source of information: Living Spaces.com