Your All In One Guide To Styling Your White Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is a place of solitude. Because of that, going the extra mile to make sure your bedroom reflects you is essential. Choose decor styles and furniture that complement your lifestyle. Add personality, and work diligently to make it a place worth staying in.

With so many pieces of furniture to purchase, styling a bedroom can be a tricky situation. If you’ve already started with white bedroom furniture, you have a good base to plan the rest of your room with. 

Styling White Bedroom Furniture 101

If you’ve already purchased white bedroom furniture, you’re in luck. Due to the versatile and neutral nature of the shade white, you have the freedom to style and arrange your room however you like. Starting with an easy shade is a great idea for the overall symmetry and style of your room. Play with different colors, patterns, and decor to make your room more appealing. 

In order to effectively plan your bedroom, we’ll discuss several different factors. 

What Furniture Should You Have In Your Bedroom?

When it comes to bedroom furniture, there are pieces of furniture that make the room come together. Having enough storage is essential for storing clothes and personal belongings. There are many places that you can purchase an entire matching bedroom set, which will minimize your work. However, if you like the mix-and-match look, you might want to find different additions that all complement each other. 

Some of the most critical bedroom furniture is: 


Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and it serves the most purpose. In order to find the perfect bed, first, you’ll have to measure how large you can go.

There are several mattress sizes to consider: 

  • Twin: 39” x 75” 
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 54” x 75” 
  • Queen: 60” x 80” 
  • King: 76” x 80” 
  • California King: 72” x 84” 

Another factor you’ll want to consider when choosing a bed is who you sleep with. If you have a spouse, animals, or children that share your bed, you may need more space. However, if you sleep alone, you can get away with a smaller bed. 

Dressers and Chests

Dressers and chests are the best storage option for clothing. They feature large, deep drawers and plenty of tabletop space to decorate. A dresser may include an attached mirror. Aside from the bed, a chest or dresser is the second-largest piece of furniture in a bedroom. It adds significant flavor to the style you’ve chosen.

Choose from different styles of dressers depending on the space you have available in your bedroom. We will discuss different options later on. 

Night Tables 

Night tables, also known as nightstands, are often found on either side of the bed. They are smaller drawers that offer a place to store miscellaneous items, such as the television remote. It’s an excellent place to put down water glasses before bedtime and holds everything you need within an arm's reach. 

Night tables are often decorated with lamps, especially if you need illumination for nighttime reading. 

Types of Dressers or Chests

There are several types of dressers depending on the shape and size of your bedroom. Choosing a dresser will also involve how much storage you require. Choose an option that will work with your organizational needs. 

Dressers and chests have the same purpose. However, the configuration of them is relatively different. Dressers are traditionally wide and short and a chest is vertically situated. Dressers can provide room for a mirror on top, while a chest preserves floor space for smaller rooms. 

Regardless if you choose a dresser or chest, it’s essential that you have one to store clothing and belongings. 

We compare the different types of dressers and chests: 

Horizontal or Standard Dresser

A standard dresser will include two to three rows of wide drawers in one singular column. It provides ample space for storage within the dresser and on top of the dresser. However, with standard dressers, space is limited as there aren’t many draws to organize clothing in. To optimize space, purchase dresser organizers that separate different categories of clothes. 

Double Dresser

Providing two columns of drawers, double dressers are great for married couples or those who share space. This provides plenty of opportunity for organizing clothing and placing decor on top. The downside to a double dresser is they are quite wide and take up plenty of floor space. If you live in a smaller room, another option may be more suitable. 

Vertical Chest 

Instead of laying horizontally, a vertical chest is vertical and minimizes floor space. It still gives plenty of room for clothes storage, but often has less space than dressers. 

Lingerie Chest 

A lingerie chest is a tall, skinny chest that is often more narrow than a vertical chest. Traditionally known for storing lingerie, it often has seven drawers. Each drawer is for a day of the week. A lingerie chest is a great addition to another chest or dresser to add additional space. It stores small items such as jewelry, socks, and perfume comfortably as well. 

Bachelor’s Chest 

Perfect for the bachelor, this chest features three to four drawers. A bachelor’s chest was designed for those with minimal clothing. For those who have small spaces and limited clothes, a bachelor’s chest is a great option. 

Gentleman’s Chest 

Featuring a tall cabinet section, the gentleman’s chest is similar to a combo dresser. This chest is perfect for men to hang suits and dress pants in with its convenient cupboard. 

Media Chest 

Are you looking to store away your cables and modem while also having a storage space for clothing? A media chest is multi-purpose. Hide annoying cables and store your television on top without losing space for clothing. 

How to Arrange Your Bedroom 

There’s more to your bedroom than choosing nice decor! Arranging your room in a pleasing and efficient way is essential. When arranging the room, you want to maximize space without sacrificing style. Ultimately, this will play into the functionality of your room. 

Determine Where to Place Your Bed

When figuring out how to lay out your bedroom, start with the biggest item first. More often than not, the biggest item is the bed. In most bedrooms, the bed is often placed in the middle of the room. It leaves room for a nightstand and to walk on both sides. Face the foot of the bed closest to the door. 

For smaller spaces, you can place the bed next to the wall. It’ll create a dramatic look that isn’t symmetrical. 

Choose Where You Want Your Dresser

If you have a wide dresser, it may fit comfortably under a window or on the longest room of the wall. You can place a mirror or television above it and decorate it nicely. For chests and narrow dressers, you can place them in a corner at an angle. If you have a smaller bedroom, skip a dresser and consider a closet system to maximize your closet space. 

Add Balance 

Adding balance quickly transforms the bedroom! Place a large piece of furniture on the opposite end of the bed. This will make your room look comfortable and cozy without any extra space. 

Consider Functionality 

Regardless of what decisions you make when arranging your room, consider functionality. You want to have easy access to each piece of furniture. Make sure the drawers can open comfortably and the bed can be accessed without a problem. If you want to watch television from the comfort of your bed, have it on the opposite wall. This will make it more comfortable. 

It’s also easier to have your dresser and closet close in proximity to each other. This will make dressing in the morning more comfortable. If you have room and like to read, add a reading nook to maximize the space and take care of all your needs. 

Regardless, think about the goals of your bedroom and use that as a basis for arranging. 

Types of Decor

Once you’ve chosen and arranged your furniture, it’s time to consider decorating. Choose decor pieces that add to the overall design of your room while adding textures and layers. This will make the space feel extra cozy.

When shopping for decor, there are plenty of pieces to choose from. This can include: 

  • Mirror: Choose a mirror to go above the dresser or a floor length mirror. A floor-length mirror will give the illusion of your entire outfit after you dress. Mirrors optimize the space and make it look significantly larger. For smaller rooms, always include a mirror, and you’ll be shocked at how big the room feels! 
  • Rugs: Choosing a rug for your bedroom ties everything together. However, there are some important rules. Your bed frame and night stand should all fit comfortably on the bed. This means that the rug should be large enough to cover significant surface area. 
  • Picture frames: Add a personal touch to your bedroom. Picture frames are an excellent place to decorate with pictures of loved ones and good times. It makes the bedroom feel more personal. 
  • Canvases: Looking to add a less personal touch? A canvas adds stylistic interest to a bedroom without having to put much thought into it. They look opulent and stunning against a large wall. Find one with plenty of texture or colours that add to your design. 
  • Lamps: There are plenty of different options when choosing a lamp. You can choose from floor lamps or table lamps. Decorating with a lamp on either nightstand is especially efficient. It’ll illuminate the space while you read at night. 
  • Plants: Add a little greenery and life into your bedroom! Plants are an excellent addition to decorating. If you can take care of a plant, opt for a real one. Otherwise, a faux plant can look just as beautiful without the hassle. Plants can come in all shapes and sizes to complement your living space. 
  • Shelves: Add storage space and more room to decorate with shelves and shelving units. Shelves can be attached to the wall, such as floating shelves. Or, you can choose a standing shelf. Store books, pictures, and perfume on them. 
  • Candles: Make your room smell as good as it looks with candles. The warm flicker adds a special vibe to any living space. 

Choose Your Personal Style

Get creative with interior design with a personal style. By choosing a theme for your bedroom, you’ll create a fluent and cohesive bedroom that looks good regardless of what decor you use. In order to determine your style, it’s best to consider what elements you want to include. Luckily, white bedroom furniture will likely complement any style. It’s versatile and easy to blend with bohemian, modern, or industrial vibes. 

Some of the most popular styles include: 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse plays on the ever-so-popular rustic style that many know and love! It blends rustic with modern features and opts for bright, white finishes and neutral colors that are warm, cozy, and inviting. Salvaged wood finishes are included in modern farmhouse design. Iron accents can be found strewed throughout. 

Excellent feature walls include shiplap. 


Embrace simplicity and the odd pop of color with modern interior design. Wood accidents and cement features can be found, and colors such as olive green, orange, or purple may be used on feature walls. 


If you think you’d belong better in the 60s, then bohemian is for you. It’s carefree and easy-going. Bohemian styles often involve different mix-and-match pieces from travels and thrift finds. There are no strict rules when choosing bohemian. Colours such as terracotta and rust are especially popular. 


The perfect opportunity for brick walls, ductwork, leather, and metal finishes. Meet industrial design! It’s inspired by an old warehouse and factories. It’s often found in urban populations, and it has become well-loved over the past several years. 


Don’t waste too much time finding the perfect decor pieces with minimalist decor. This style is known for keeping crisp lines and no clutter. The cleaner a space looks, the better. Choose colours within the same palette and without contrast. 


Mid-century modern isn’t going anywhere fast! Inspired by post-war America, this design features iconic furniture pieces and rich tones. Include plenty of warm woods and browns throughout the space. 

Create a Feature Wall 

Pull your white furniture together with a feature wall! They complement your furniture while adding a basis to build off of. When choosing what feature wall is best for you, consider commitment, time, and price. Some feature walls can take a while to install, and others are relatively expensive. 

Knowing your budget and the effort you’re willing to spend will make a big difference in your feature wall decision.

Some of our favorite feature walls include: 

  • Paint: Are you looking for something relatively easy and inexpensive? Painting the wall behind the bed is an excellent option. It will take only a few hours and can make a huge change in the style of the room. Choose from any colour and buy minimal supplies to finish this task. 
  • Shiplap: Especially handy in modern farmhouse finishes, shiplap is the vertical or horizontal placement of boards on one wall. It’s relatively rustic-looking and will make your bedroom feel ultimately cozy.
  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper can be an expensive venture depending on where you buy. It’s also incredibly tedious and time-consuming, but it creates a gorgeous finished process. Choose between plenty of different styles including florals, geomatics, and other murals that will transform your bedroom. 
  • Board and Batten: Board and batten is a more traditional option, as it dates back to the 1900s. This gorgeous, vintage flair will make any room feel elegant and opulent. Pair with an opulent chandelier and rich colours to really make an impact. 
  • Decals: Unlock something easier than wallpaper with the same beautiful effect. Decals are easy to install and often cheaper than most wallpaper options. They are non-committal and can easily be removed without damaging any of the existing walls. 
  • Wood panelling: Wood panelling is similar to shiplap and board and batten without strict rules. Choose where you want the wood for a personalized effect. Wood panelling also creates a luxurious feel to any bedroom. 

Choose a Good Accent Color 

Accent colours can make a big difference in sleep patterns and end design. Psychologists believe that colours may also even affect our mood and personality. When determining what accent colour you want, it might be important to consider colour psychology and pick a colour that best suits you. 

Each colour on the wheel has different associations. Some of our favourites include:

  • White: White is a perfect base colour and since your furniture is already white, it’s extremely versatile. It’s crisp, refreshing, and clean, and creates an excellent starting point. Choose to complement your white colour palette with almost any colour on the colour wheel. 
  • Blue: Blue is a stand-out option for a bedroom. This cool colour is undoubtedly calming and relaxing. After a long day, you can wind down and enjoy the shade that is most popular in the bedroom. 
  • Green: Can’t commit to blue? Consider green. Right next to blue on the colour wheel, it offers several of the same benefits. It’s relaxing and mimics trees and other features of nature. Become energized with a bright shade of green or go for a more subdued colour for a bedroom. 
  • Red: Amp up the energy with red! It’s exciting and will make getting out of bed in the morning significantly easier. 
  • Yellow: Yellow is bright and optimistic. If you’re having a tough time with inspiration or positivity, it’s an excellent option. You can choose a pale or canary yellow so they aren’t as harsh in your space. 
  • Purple: Kickstart that creativity with a purple shade. The true color of the royals, gets your brain working quickly. 

Organizational Tips 

Your room will only look as good as it is organized. To really transform the space, be mindful of the area and minimize clutter. Some of our favorite tips for doing this include: 

Utilize the Space Under the Bed 

Store off-season clothes, bedsheets, or gift wrap under the bed! Consider getting carpentered boxes and store them under the bed so it’s out of sight. This will largely free up bedroom space and make a huge difference in the area. 

Organize Clothing 

Organize your clothing so everything looks clean and crisp when you open drawers and cupboards. Messes (even when hidden) disrupt a calm area and quickly make it look cluttered and disorganized. Go through your closet, drawers, and cupboards piece by piece to properly sort, fold, and make everything look great. 

Consider a Ladder Shelf 

A ladder shelf is an excellent place to store additional blankets, quilts, and comforters for easy organization. Not to mention, it makes a gorgeous decor piece that elevates the space. You can make a ladder shelf yourself for cheap or purchase it from a home goods store. 

A ladder shelf especially complements a rustic or modern farmhouse living area. 

Use Baskets to Your Advantage

Baskets add texture and work as a storage option for blankets, dirty clothes, and throw pillows! Consider picking up wicker, leather, or cloth baskets to transform your bedroom. 

Don’t Skip the Trash Can

So many people skip having a trash can in their bedroom, but it makes a huge difference. Limit glitter and purchase an attractive trash can that complements your bedroom decor! This will be both appealing and functional.


Turns out styling your white bedroom furniture isn’t so hard! Based on the neutral colour, it will be easy to decorate and style your bedroom in a way that best suits your needs. Enjoy the process of shopping for furniture. Also  decorate your bedroom to make everything feel crisp and clean. 

Having your bedroom match your personality, relax you at night, and complement your personal style is important! Make it a room that you’re comfortable spending the most time in. With only a few extra steps throughout the decorating process, you can make your bedroom a place of solitude and comfort.