How To Choose The Right White Dining Chairs

White dining chairs are a great way to add style to a room. But, with the extensive amount available, it can be difficult to figure out the best to invest in. Will your choice look right? Will they last?

This post will explore some ways you can find the right dining chairs for your home. Keep reading to discover what they are. 

9 Ways to Choose the Correct Dining Chairs

1. Pick a Chair Style

One of the first things you’ll want to do is settle on a chair design. You’ll find that they come in a broad selection. Some include: 

  • Queen Anne - this chair is traditionally made of dark cherry wood and has a scalloped apron backing. 
  • French country - this option has ladder-backing that connects to thin arms. It usually has a worn finish.
  • Contemporary - this is a simple chair that often features sharp curves.
  • Farmhouse - this showcases ladder-backs and has a rustic finish. 

You’ll also want to pay attention to the chair’s form. Dining chairs come in three options: arm, side, and parson. 


A chair with arms has sections on the edges. This way, you can rest your hands as you sit. Many times, they’re placed at the table’s ends. 


This type appears similar to chairs with arms but lacks the side portions. They’re normally placed along the table’s sides. 


A parson chair is armless and has a tall, straight backing. Most parson chairs are upholstered and can be set on both the table’s ends and sides. 

2. Look at the Texture

A chair’s texture is something to study before purchasing. You’ll notice that these pieces come in many choices. Thanks to this, everyone can find something that matches their taste. 

Most dining chairs will have a smooth exterior. However, some might be woven (like wicker) or have a built-in cushion. Many will also be upholstered and covered in various fabric types. These range from smooth linens to those with a slightly 3D quality. 

3. Consider the Room’s Theme

One of the top ways to determine the right dining chairs is to keep the room’s atmosphere in mind. 

White matches with almost every color and design scheme. This guarantees that most white dining chairs will easily blend in. 

Still, to make sure it matches, pick a component in the room you want to compliment the chair with. This small idea can help you find a suitable chair much faster because it narrows down your search. It also prevents you from overwhelming the space with too much color or patterns 

4. Test it for Comfort

You might also want to find out if the chair is nice to sit on. If not, it could result in aches and pains if you’re on it for too long. 

There are a few things you can check to see if the chair will be cozy.

A Seat Scoop

One helpful feature is a slight indent in the chair’s center. A seat scoop is meant to cater to your body’s natural curvatures. The dip keeps your spine aligned which stops extra pressure from being put on it. This way, you can comfortably sit on it. 

Its Height

The chair’s height is yet another aspect to look at. If it’s too short or too high, it can affect how well it supports you. You’ll want to check that the chair has at least a five-inch gap between your legs and the table’s bottom. This allows you to reach the table without feeling cramped. 

Another thing to explore is if the height lets you rest your feet on the floor. If the chair is a bit too high, your feet might dangle off of it. On the other hand, if it’s too short, it could be difficult to sit correctly in it. Due to this, check its height beforehand. You might also want to see if you can test it out before you buy it. This will ensure that the piece is a good fit. 

If There Are Arms

Side arms are a useful addition to chairs. Not only are they decorative but they give you a spot to rest your hands. This stops you from slouching or leaning more toward one side as you sit. 

While helpful, arms can sometimes make the chairs bulky. Because of this, they might take up more room. If you prefer a chair with arms, make sure to measure its width. This way, you’ll get a better idea of how it will fit and the total amount of chairs you’ll need. 

5. Inspect Their Quality

Another thing to do is carefully examine their quality. However, this can be difficult to do. A chair might appear resistant but that doesn’t always mean it is. Here are some tips to use to confirm the chair is made to last. 

Check the Material

If a chair is made of plywood or fiberboard it can be very flimsy. Apart from being susceptible to breaking, it will also scratch and dent easily. This can make your chairs seem worn despite being new. 

During your search, make sure that the pieces are made of strong materials. Some of the most durable are hardwood, plywood, and wicker. You’ll also want to certify that the wood has at least nine layers. This indicates that it’s solid.

Look for Visible Nails, Staples, and Glue

Detectable nails, staples, and glue is a huge danger sign of a chair’s condition. While these are occasionally needed to hold the pieces together, if you can see them, it’s a problem. This is because it suggests the parts aren’t placed correctly on the piece. This could cause it to break. It’s also unsightly and can make your chairs look cheap. 

A good chair will use joints to connect different portions. While small bits of glue might be necessary, joints are stronger and hide the segments better. This displays high-quality craftsmanship. 

View if There are Knots

A wood knot is a dark grain mark that shows where branches once were. While not always problematic, they can be. This is because the knot can be somewhat weak. Over time, this area can wear down and cause the chair to crack. While one or two aren’t usually bad, if the chairs are covered in them, it’s best to stay away. 

Sit on It

Another way to see if your dining chair is a worthwhile investment is by sitting on it. This can assist you with telling if the chair feels sturdy. If you notice it wobbling or squeaking, it’s probably not a good buy. This often indicates that the chair was made of cheap pressboard sections. 

Feel the Exterior

One last method to verify a chair’s quality is to touch it. If you feel bubbles or grooves, that can be concerning. This hints that the finish was applied quickly. It also shows that the chair wasn’t sanded beforehand. This could be a warning of the chair’s general condition. 

6. Coordinate It With Your Table’s Height

Another pivotal thing to monitor is if the chairs correspond with the table’s height. If they’re too small or too tall, they’ll look awkward when placed with it. 

In most cases, there should be a space of at least 12 inches from the chair’s seat to the table’s bottom. This ensures that it matches the dining table and won’t rub against it. 

7. Match it With the Table’s Shape

Besides the table’s width and height, its shape is another thing to judge. Whether oval or rectangular, this will determine how many chairs your home needs. 

For a circular table, six chairs are required. But, for a square-shaped one, about eight can be used. 

8. Use Scale

Sometimes the dining chairs might not match simply because they don’t have the right scale. If most of the existing furniture is bulky, skinny chairs wouldn’t look right. On the contrary, if it’s compact, large and ornate dining chairs would seem out of place. 

To prevent this, consider the room’s overall dimensions. This will help you pick chairs that will fit perfectly. 

If you’re unsure about the scale, try to make a floor plan. This can serve as a visual guide so you can decide on the right chair size and style. You can make a blueprint by hand or use an online platform. 

9. Think of a Budget

Often, when looking for new dining chairs, most think of their appearance and comfort. While these are crucial things, a budget is also important. Without one, you risk overspending. This can end up making your chairs more of a hassle rather than something to enjoy. 

To create a budget, list the highest you’re willing to spend. You might also want to jot a few features down you’d like. As you search, keep your focus on chairs within this price range. In some cases, you might spend a tad bit more than your budget, but it won’t be a substantial amount. 

How to Style Your Chairs

Once you find the right pieces it’s key to display them correctly. By carefully arranging and furnishing the chairs, it will help them stand out. 

Adorn the Head Chairs

To add more flair to your table, consider embellishing the main chairs. Situated at the ends of the table, the chairs can serve as one of the piece’s prime elements. 

There are many ways you can decorate your top chairs. Some include:

  • Applying an upholstered backing
  • Placing pillows on them
  • Painting them in a contrasting color

Add Cushions

You might also want to place cushions on your chairs. These decorative pieces won’t only add color but can make sitting more comfortable. 

You can make your own cushions or buy some. Make sure that they match your dining room though. Otherwise, they’ll seem out of place. You’ll also want to see if it has a memory foam filling. This won’t only be pleasant to sit on but won’t appear lumpy after a few uses. 

Can I Mix White Dining Chairs With My Current Chairs?

If you already have dining chairs, feel free to incorporate your new ones with them. Just because you buy a new set doesn’t mean you automatically need to get rid of your current ones. 

Remember though, on occasion, new pieces can make your old ones look outdated. You’ll want to refurbish the chairs so everything works well together. 

Caring For Your Dining Chairs

Maintaining your furniture is yet another thing to keep in mind. This will ensure your purchase is worth it. Below are a few ways you can care for the chairs.  

Use Slipcovers

Slipcovers are a useful way to safeguard your chairs from scratches. Besides this, they’ll thwart dust piles. 

This tool comes in a variety of designs so you can find one that goes with the room’s theme. To use it, simply slide the cover over the chairs. It will stay in place until you pull it off. 

Dust Them

At least once a week make sure to dust your chairs. This will stop particles from building upon their surface. 

To dust the furniture use a microfiber cloth. The cloth contains special threads that cling to minuscule particles. This helps it remove dust, dirt, and allergens that might otherwise be missed. 

If you have stuck-on debris, you might want to dampen the cloth to scrub it off. If you do use water, quickly dry the spot. If you don’t, it could warp. 

Keep Them Out the Sun

Sunlight is white furniture’s nemesis. While it might look nice as it reflects off of the chair, its rays are seeping into the paint. This can result in its finish fading. It could also turn slightly yellow.

To avert this, position the chairs out of the sun’s path. If you can’t, install UV-blocking blinds. These will stop any of these pesky rays from sneaking into the room. 

To Sum Things Up

Choosing the right dining chairs can be tough. But, by using these tips, you can figure out the right ones for your living space. 

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