Your Complete Guide To White Dining Table and Chairs

Are you searching for new dining furniture? If so, you might want to check out white tables and chairs. Many homeowners are drawn to their elegant looks and impressive durability. However, they can sometimes be difficult to shop for. This is often because of the number of choices available. 

This post will dive into everything you need to know about a white dining table and chairs. If you'd like to learn more, keep reading. 

What Kind of Furniture Works in a Dining Room?

For most dining rooms, you’ll need a table and chairs. These serve as the main highlights. Still, you can add a handful of other items. These include:

  • Armchairs
  • Bookcases
  • China cabinets
  • Wall shelves
  • Serving carts

While you can use these objects in the room, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the table and chairs. These are what should serve as space’s focal points. 

5 Benefits of White Dining Tables and Chairs

1. They Make an Area Brighter and Bigger

A unique perk of these dining tables and chairs is that they’ll make the room more vivid and larger. This trait is sole because the color reflects light well. This makes them perfect for those who desire to make the room appear more inviting and spacious. 

2. They’re Affordable

White furniture is good for those of all budgets. Whether you want affordable or high-end selections, there are plenty to choose from. No matter what your price range is, most pieces are made with quality. This way, you don’t have to be concerned about investing in cheaply constructed units.

3. They Come in Countless Styles

You’ll notice during your search that these items are available in various designs. Some you’ll find include:

  • Farmhouse
  • Shabby chic
  • Rustic
  • Pedestal
  • Parson
  • Trestle
  • Mid-century modern
  • Traditional

To find the right one, carefully research each choice. Some aspects to regard are: 

  • Its size
  • Its looks
  • Its shape
  • If the table is extendable

Ideally, have your design picked out before you search for them. Narrowing your choices, it will make the process go much faster. 

4. They’re Comfortable

Some avoid wood furniture because they believe it will be uncomfortable to sit on. You might be surprised that this isn’t always the case. Many manufacturers assemble their pieces with comfort in mind. Because of this, you’ll notice things like seat scoops and armrests. These will allow your body to use proper posture which can prevent strain. 

5. They’re Versatile

These tables and chairs are very adaptable. White is a flexible color. Thanks to this, it can be used in everything from modern rooms to more traditional ones. 

Besides this, you can enhance them to meet certain looks. For instance, you could place a vase or vibrant tablecloth over a table. If you wish to change up the appearance over the years, your white items will easily adapt. 

5 Tips for Caring for Your White Furniture

These pieces are resistant but they still need to be maintained. If you’re not careful with them, you’ll find that they’ll start to wear down. They might also become discolored. Here is some advice you can use to keep them in good shape. 

1. Keep Them Out of the Sun

One of the most crucial things to do with the items is to remove them out of the sun’s path. While UV rays can disfigure any furnishings, it tends to be more destructive on lighter items. As they hit the pieces, they’ll start to disintegrate the paint’s chemicals. This will strip the coating’s protective layer causing it to turn yellow. 

There are some methods you can try to defend the furniture from the sun. 

  • Utilize curtains. These won’t only add a decorative touch to the room but can shield your table and chairs. Many are made with UV-resistant fabric. This stops the rays from soaking through them. They can also regulate the space’s temperature to stop humidity. 
  • Apply a window film. This tool comes in several styles, like frosted or tinted, and will block the sun. You do need to use an application spray to ensure they stick. They’re removable though so you can change their location if necessary. 
  • Rearrange the table and chairs. Sometimes, this is the only option available. But, by doing so, it will guarantee that they’re out of the sun’s way. 
  • Install solar reduction windows. This might be a pricey investment at first but they prevent you from having to reposition the table. They also stop you from needing to buy extra materials. Most modern homes already have these panes, but not all do. To check, turn the lights off and hold a small light, such as a flame, next to one. If you see about three flames reflecting off of it, the window is sealed. 

By observing these tips, your pieces last you for years. 

2. Regularly Dust Them

Another way to certify your table or chair stays durable is to dust it. If you let particles collect on top, you’ll find they can cause significant damage. Despite their microscopic size, they can make your furniture look soiled. In some cases, they could also ruin its finish. This is because they absorb sun rays. The longer they rest on the items, the more they’ll permit these harmful beams to sneak through. 

While you can use a traditional duster, sometimes a microfiber cloth is recommended. This is because the rag has special threads that cling to the fragments. These pull them up rather than spreading them. Better yet, they can get into crevices. 

3. Watch the Room Temperature

You should be cautious about your dining space’s climate. Humid conditions can irritate wood causing it to swell. Due to this, if the room is too warm, it could end up making your white furniture warp. To avert this, review the temperature. If you notice the room seems a bit stuffy, place a humidifier in it. This will absorb moisture and stop it from settling on the pieces. 

For most homes, keep the room temperature at about 70℉. This is still warm, but not hot enough to cause harm. 

4. Use a Table Protector Pad

This is a thick vinyl covering that prevents the table’s exterior from getting ruined. It’s carved to fit the table’s angles so it blends in. The pads also come in various colors so you can invest in one that fits your table. 

You can keep the pads on all the time or only when you use the table. Most will fold together so you can put these helpful tools in storage. 

5. Occasionally Wash Them

Many avoid putting any liquid, especially water, on their furniture. While this can cause trouble sometimes, if done correctly, it can keep them spotless. 

If you notice yellowing or stains, mix about one cup of white vinegar with 1 ½-2 cups lukewarm water. Once combined, dip a cloth into it and dab over problem areas. Let it sit on the spots for a few seconds and then take another rag and dry it. 

For quick cleaning, you could also pour this concoction into a spray bottle. If you notice issues, you can grab it and do a rapid cleanse. 

Remember, while this won’t damage your furniture, you need to make sure it fully dries. If you let it stay damp, it will warp the finish. You might want to blow some fans on them after you dry them with a towel. 

How to Style White Pieces

A major aspect to brainstorm when placing furniture in your dining room is its layout. While it might seem irrelevant, the position can play a huge role. If your table or chairs aren’t centered, they could look a bit awkward. But, if they’re too close to other items, they could be difficult to maneuver around. 

If you'd like to learn how to arrange them, consider these tips. 

Place Them Under Light Fixtures

If the room has a chandelier or similar device, try to situate the pieces beneath or near them. This will encourage the lights to brighten up the table. It will also prevent it from looking out of place. 

In some homes, the fixture’s location might not allow enough room for the table. This could make it a bit tough to figure out the best layout. 

There are some options to think over if this is the case. One is to completely move the light. While this could take some time and patience, it will ensure your table fits beneath it. 

If you prefer to attempt something else, try testing different furniture under it. You could put a coffee table or group some chairs together. You can then place the table set nearby. 

Use Rugs

You might also want to put the table and chairs on a rug. This not only adds a touch of color but will protect the floor from scratches. 

As you browse for the right carpet you’ll want to contemplate some things. 

Its Size

A key detail is the rug’s size. If you establish one that’s too big or too small in the room, it will end up looking strange. 

To find the correct proportions, first, position your dining table. Then, use painter’s tape to measure about 20-24 inches away from each side. When you’re done, you’ll see an outline. This indicates how large your area rug should be. 

Its Palette

You’ll also want to confirm that the piece matches the room’s overall theme. They come in a variety of designs so you’ll find plenty of options. But, while you might prefer one, it could be mismatched in the room. To ensure it incorporates well, verifies the carpet resembles the room’s concept. You’ll want to examine if the rug has at least one corresponding hue. Otherwise, it won’t blend in well. 

You never want to directly match the rug to the wall’s color. This can make the primary shade appear overwhelming. In the end, you’ll find that it won’t enhance the room but rather be ill-assorted. 

The Style

Another thing to inspect is the carpet’s looks. While this can refer to its color or pattern scheme, it also means its fiber height. As you search for the one you’ll discover rugs are either low-pile or high-pile. 


As its name suggests, a low-pile carpet has small, tight fibers. This gives them a compact look. Because of this, they tend to be easier to clean. They can also withstand heavy usage making them perfect for high-traffic areas. However, they aren’t as comfortable as high-pile options and don’t provide good insulation. 


High-pile carpets have longer and looser threads. This makes them appear very plush. Unfortunately, these fibers make it easier for particles to sneak into the carpet. This could make it harder to clean than a low-pile one. Despite this, they’re extremely strong and won’t wear down as quickly.

The Cleaning Requirements

While a rug might look beautiful, it could be a nuisance to clean. This could make it more of an annoying problem rather than something to enjoy. 

For some carpets, if you happen to spill even a drop on them, they could get instantly ruined. You might also have to buy specific cleaning agents - some of which can be pricey. 

Due to this, you’ll want to double-check the rug’s cleaning needs. Most of the time, these instructions will be listed on an attached tag. This way, you can see what must be done. 

But, this might not be available sometimes. If this is so, you’ll need to do extra research on the rug you have. You might also need to contact the seller or manufacturer to see if they have instructions.  

Consider Traffic Areas

It’s also important to analyze where room congestion might be. If you place the table in a jammed area, you risk it being a slight inconvenience. This is because it will make it harder for guests to walk around. It will also make the table and its chairs more open to scratches and dents. 

To prevent these issues, make a quick blueprint of the room. You can then experiment with the table’s location. 

How to Tell if White Furniture is of Quality

As previously mentioned, most items are assembled with high-end pieces. Yet, in a few instances, this isn’t always so. Sometimes, substandard bits are glued together. At first glance, they might seem fine, but over time you’ll notice they quickly wear down. Below are things you can keep in mind to ensure that it’s first-rate. 

Its Joints

One of the most pivotal components of good furnishing is its joints. Most inexpensive options are usually glued or staple gunned together. Those with joints take a bit more time to construct but are extremely durable. 

Many joints might be used to make the furniture. One of the top is the dovetail. This looks like a “W” and slides into another similar groove. This not only provides stability but stops the wood from cracking. 

Other joinery to look for include:

  • Mortise and tenon
  • Lap
  • Dado
  • Box
  • Tongue and groove

You don’t need to be an expert in these designs. But, it’s important to understand their basics and how to identify them. 

Its Finish

You’ll also want to review the finish. A thick coating is essential to protect the wood from scratches and other blemishes. Apart from this, it will bring out the material’s natural looks. 

In most cases, you’ll want it to be covered in varnish. Not only does it safely soak into the wood, but magnifies its aesthetics. It also leaves behind a thick layer that safeguards the piece. 

In addition to how it makes your furniture look, be aware of its smell. While they might have a slight odor from the finish, if it’s too much, it could be nauseating. This could end up making your dining room have an unpleasant smell that doesn’t seem to go away. 

This scent comes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the liquid. These chemicals can be carcinogenic which could result in chronic diseases, including cancer. To avoid this, check that the finish uses low VOCs. 

Its Materials

Besides the joints and finish, also do a quick scan of its wood type. Many times, knowing what it is will indicate how well it will perform. 

One to watch out for is veneer. This option is cheap and easy to handle, but it’s not high-quality. It tends to be thin so you risk it cracking over time. It also has grains that can disintegrate. 

Some of the most superior choices include:

  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Maple

If you’re still unsure what the item is made of, ask the dealer. If they’re unable to tell you, this could be a concerning sign. This usually indicates that they aren’t knowledgeable in what they’re selling. This could result in them giving you false information. 

3 Methods to Amplify Your Table and Chairs

Once you situate your furniture into your dining room, you might want to add some flair to it. Here are three techniques to try. 

1. Utilize Cushions

If you want to add a slight splash of color to the pieces, use chair pillows. You’ll find that they come in a variety of patterns and shades. 

If you don’t find the ones you want, you can create your own. This can be done by cutting out a foam board that matches the seat’s measurements. You can then wrap it in your desired fabric and sew it together. If you want to prevent the cushion from being loose, you can stitch ties on the back. These can wrap around the upper beams so the cushion stays in place. 

2. Display Florals

Flowers are a useful way to add a beautiful atmosphere to the room. You can make your own arrangements or purchase some. 

Authentic or artificial blooms can be used. Artificial ones will last longer but they lack the tones and aromas of real blossoms.

As you figure out the right flowers to use, try to correspond them with the room’s theme. You could also match them with the season. If it’s summer, incorporate bright ones, like sunflowers and hydrangeas. On the other hand, if it’s winter, opt for calmer tones with birch sticks and hellebores. 

3. Place Artwork Nearby

You could also hang some paintings or set out small art pieces nearby. These can add depth to the room. Their tones can also highlight the table and chairs. They’ll also assist with making the room a bit cozier. 

If you want to dangle art on the wall, you’ll want to carefully plan it out. If too much, or even too little, is situated near it, it can end up looking odd. Preferably, play around with them to see where they would look best. You could do this by taping craft paper to the wall that’s cut in the size of the painting. This allows you to adjust the layout before permanently installing the pieces. 

Remember, the artwork should match the spirit of the room. If it has a rustic or tropical theme, make sure the art reflects that. While you can sometimes add a quirky, out-of-place item, this can be tricky. It’s usually best to stay safe and go for something that complements it. 

Another option is to display some items on your table. This can create an intriguing contrast and make them a prime focus. If you choose this route, consider incorporating it with florals and candles. This can end up making an impressive centerpiece. 

Overall, experiment with the items. This is one of the best ways to determine if they’ll work for your space. 

To Conclude

Shopping for dining tables and chairs can be exciting yet intense. You not only need to examine their design but know how to properly care for them. In the end, though, the pieces will increase your dining room’s ambiance. 

A white dining table and chairs can be a stunning addition to your home. If you’re on the search for some, be sure to use the information in mind. It will help guide you not only to the perfect style but the right brand to purchase from.