5 Best White Wood Dining Table Designs

Are you looking for a white wood dining table for your home? If so, you’ve probably already come across quite a few designs. While they each have their own distinctive looks, it can be difficult to determine which is best. How do you know it will match? Will, it fits your lifestyle?

If you’re interested in learning what these top white dining table looks are, keep reading. You’ll discover an impressive selection to consider. 

5 Best White Wood Dining Table Designs

1. Traditional

For those who want something plain yet stylish, a traditional table is what you’ll want to check out. While simple in its style, the table still showcases elegance. You’ll notice that the wood has a sleek finish which gives it an exquisite appearance. This also protects it from scratches.  

Traditional tables will have various leg shapes. These include spindled, tapered, and cabriole. 

  • Spindled - a slender leg that features various grooves.
  • Tapered - a leg that slowly becomes slender as it reaches the floor.
  • Cabriole - a leg that features a sharp curve at the top that moves down to a smaller bottom curve. 

2. Modern

A modern wood dining table comes in a variety of shapes, but it focuses on minimalist features. For instance, it tends to have sharp angles rather than soft ones. 

Many modern wood tables take characteristics from mid-century modern pieces. Despite this style being popular in the 1950s and 1960s, it remains a sought-after design. This is due to its unique functionality and organic characteristics. 

3. Shaker

If you want a simple wood dining table, a shaker piece might be ideal. Shaker tables are known for their crisp lines and tapered legs. This gives it an intriguing blend of traditional and industrial styles.

These tables are eye-catching, not due to embellishments, but from their wood. As you shop for a shaker piece, you’ll notice they’re carved out of maple, oak, cherry, or pine. These each has distinctive grain patterns. This way, no two tables are alike. 

4. Industrial 

An industrial table is meant to look pristine. It also highlights natural elements like metal. Because of this, you’ll notice that the wood often mingles with alloy pieces. 

Industrial tables follow dark palettes. This means they’ll come in hues of brown, black, and navy. To add a slight pop, they might also have a sliver of silver or gold hidden somewhere. 

Despite their soft tones, they can work with vibrant colors. You can easily match rust-orange or sky blue chairs with it. 

5. Rustic

Rustic tables encompass a country ambiance. Many will come with a thick white finish or a slightly worn one to appear vintage. While they have a homey feel, they still work well with most designs. 

Unlike some other tables, this one is usually long. It combines benches and chairs which makes it appear like it’s a picnic table. 

Which Table is Right For Me?

As you learn about these different styles, it can be difficult to figure out the right one for your needs. To assist you, here are some tips to consider. 

Examine the Room’s Theme

One of the best ways to tell which table is ideal is by matching it with the room’s style. Sometimes, if the piece doesn’t blend in well, it could look a bit awkward. This could make it a sore point in the room rather than a striking item. 

Instead, carefully think about the right table design for space. If your room has a contemporary look, a modern or industrial table might match. On the other hand, if your room is more conservative, a traditional or shaker piece could be what you need.

Contemplate How Many People Will Use It

Another thing to review is how many people will sit at the table. Do you plan to only use it for yourself? Your family? For entertainment? By brainstorming this, you can find the right size which can help you narrow down the style. 

Look at the Base

You’ll also want to check the table’s base. Each design will have a specific type. If you purchase a traditional one, you’ll notice that they have a pedestal base. But, if you’re looking at an industrial table, you’ll find that they’ll have a trestle or cross-beam base. 

While it might not seem like the base would play much in the style, it does. It not only supports the piece but is often one of the first things people will notice. 

Check its Durability

A white table’s durability is crucial. If you buy one and it’s unable to withstand heavy usage, it can become an unpleasant item to have. Not only will scratches and other blemishes be visible, but you might end up having to buy yet another table. 

Some things to look at to ensure a table is a high-quality piece include:

  • The type of wood it’s made of. Some top-class options include walnut, maple, pine, and oak. 
  • That it isn’t covered in veneer. This might make it seem protected, but it’s only a thick finish that can quickly wear off. 
  • Its size. If you buy one that’s too big for the room, it could make it crowded. This makes it susceptible to damages. 

See if You Need to Assemble It

You’ll also want to inquire if you need to construct the table yourself. While this isn’t always difficult if you prefer not to, make sure to verify this isn’t required ahead of time. Some furniture manufacturers can also work with you and set up the table at your home. A handful might also provide an instructional manual you can follow. 


There is a vast selection of white wood dining table designs. Due to this, it could be hard to figure out the right one to use in your home. By using this information, you can easily narrow down your search. 

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