Why We Love White Furniture and So Should You

White Tree Furniture is a store dedicated to white furniture. But why this color? The truth is that white is a fantastic color for furniture and this is not some fleeing trend that we are seeing now. It is a timeless, classic look..

Furniture from our Halifax collection

According to Feng Shui the colors you bring into your home affect the flow of energy in it. In the Feng Shui tradition, the color white evokes sharpness, efficiency and precision. White helps you live with clarity and lightness, and eliminate distractions.

 Sounds good so far. But let’s dig deeper and look into other benefits of white furniture.

  • White furniture makes the room feel bigger than it actually is, opening up the space. It’s true, white creates a visual effect that makes spaces seem larger than they really are. A good thing to know when you have to decorate a small room.
  • The color white can soften up a room creating peace and harmony. Like we mentioned with our Feng Shui analysis, white furniture will help you bring clarity of mind and get rid of mental clutter. This color naturally brings inner peace and stability.
  • A touch of Luxury. White furniture looks fancy, charming and beautiful. Especially from our Nova Solo Halifax collection. This furniture features antique brass hardware, solid mahogany frames and a semi gloss painted finish.
  • Relaxing and minimalist atmosphere. Using white furniture can be instrumental in creating a perfect, relaxing space with no fuss or clutter.

Our Halifax white furniture collection

White can come in different styles as well. Go for  white painted Shabby Chic furniture to create a more rustic, feminine and nostalgic atmosphere. Or use more modern and contemporary designs with clean lines for the modern look. The versatility and options will not disappoint you!