10 Most Popular Color Pairs To Go With A White Wooden Bed

You've been dreaming of a stunning interior with white wooden beds. Now you have it, but you face the hassle of combining it with perfect trendy colors. Well, what you need is a color section guide to give you a great white color blend. 

White is a trendy, elegant, and timeless furniture color. How about when you blend it with other popular shades? You can get your desired color tone when you know the best combination. It highlights the popular color pairs for white bed frames and why they suit your design needs. 


White is a natural color. It goes well with other shades to give a perfect design. Highlighted below are some of the best white bed frame color pairs. 

  1. Pink 

Pink is beautiful on its own. But it becomes more elegant and appealing when you blend it with a universal color like white. The best way to compliment white with pink is to include it in little touches. 

This shade combination is perfect for children and women. It gives a good style, design, and craft to any space. The blend also suits children’s favorite Cinderella posters and other cartoon designs. You can make it more feminine using a blush pink blend. 

A combination of blush pink and white is appealing to many women. It provides a welcoming and warm presence. The white provides a lighter tone and a fashion-wordy and trendy sharpness. 

       2. Black

Black is a known universal color. It forms a white bedroom blend when combined with white. It gives an excellent and soothing feeling furniture color. The black shade is elegant and fits many surfaces.

If your wooden bed is white, you should use black window blinds. Also, you can use black flooring combined with other room furniture. One good thing about black and white is versatility. This color pair allows design flexibility and universal complementarity. 

       3. Charcoal 

Don't join the league of people that mistake charcoal for black. Although they appear similar, charcoal is a dark color that brightens the bedroom. It is even better with other furniture like a white bedside table. 

A charcoal and white color mix adds an edgy tone and natural feel to a white bedroom set. Like pink, charcoal is a bit gender biased. It appears to masculinize even though it is not too drab or dark. 

       4. Brown / Chocolate Brown

Do you want something stylish and silky? Consider a mild blend of brown in your white bedroom. Chocolate brown creates impressive contrast with other furniture like white bedside cabinets. It is a great color choice for curtains and other bedroom clothing. 

Brown does not show any gender preference. It is universal and gives a classic outlook in combination with white. 

       5. Blue 

Blue is a versatile color and blends well with wooden beds. It comes in many shades, including light blue, sky blue, sea blue, etc. It is a perfect fit for white home furniture, regardless of its shade. It suits bedroom decor like curtains, flooring, and chairs. It is also appealing on some selected surfaces. 

Unlike pink, blue is not gender-biased. It makes pop and sparkle at every combination with white. 

       6. Green 

Green is a natural color. It is an ideal shade if you want to have a green environmental feeling. Mint green is usually the best for a bedroom. This color variant is soft and pure. Mint green gives a welcoming tone around every corner of your bedroom. 

Green and mint green are neither feminine nor masculine. It suits both adult and children's bedrooms. 

       7. Lime

Do you want a funky feeling in your white bedroom furniture set? Then, lime is a color you should explore. Lime and white give refreshing vibes and a welcoming outlook. This color combo is also elegant and suits almost all room clothing types. 

Besides providing a fun styling, the lime and white combination is very bold and leaves a lasting impression. This color combo does not tilt towards any gender. 

       8. Yellow 

Do you like bright and reflective colors? This option should make your list of color considerations.  Yellow complements white to brighten your bedroom and add life to it. It is one of the combos that shows a youthful presence. And it offers a jazzy outlook. This color combo is perfect for a bachelor's bedroom and a home office. 

The yellow and white combo is full of life and edgy. You can even mix yellow with bold black to have dandelion yellow. Dandelion yellow gives a blending feeling of black and white and white and yellow. 

       9. Red 

Red offers similar brightness as yellow. But the pronouncement of both colors is different. Red is energy-filled and provides a bold presence. With an appropriate blend of red, your white bed frame will appear trendy and attractive. 

This trendy interior warm color combo is suitable for both males and females. It also works in other rooms aside from bedrooms. And it blends well with other furniture like a white bedside cabinet. It offers a perfect kitchen color balance.

       10. Gold 

Do you crave a classy and royal appearance in your room? You have it here! Gold is a color that signifies royalty. It is a calm color that makes everything around it appear expensive. 

Gold and white blend is excellent for all room types, including children and master bedroom. Gold is not common, unlike most other colors. It complements your bedroom uniqueness. 


Colors to paint furniture are usually a hassle for most people. But you can filter your options when you know the popular colors people paint their furniture. White is the most utilized furniture paint color. 

All shades of off-white and white are often the best seller in many brands. It is in high demand with various designers and fashion enthusiasts. Besides, white makes it easier to combine other colors. 

Mixing white with other popular colors creates a perfect color ambiance. Its versatility and two-tone effect make it the trendy color to paint furniture. 

Other suitable colors for painting furniture include; 

  •       Brown 
  •       Black 
  •       Chocolate 
  •       Cream 
  •       Burgundy


White is a timeless, edgy, and versatile color for house furniture. When combined with other compatible colors, you create perfect color shades. It is also flexible enough to help you personalize your feeling with colors. With this guide, you have nothing to worry about making a suitable color selection.

A high-quality white bedside cabinet gives your bedroom a classy interior design. You can check out good options from a reputable brand. A perfect color blend with your white bed frame is what you need to add a touch of uniqueness and royalty to your home.