3 Reasons Why You Should Get A White Table and Chairs in 2021

Are you looking for new furniture? If so, you’ve probably experienced how much of a hassle it can be. There’s a vast amount of styles and colors which can be overwhelming. How do you know which is best? Which will be the most rewarding for your home? 

White furniture is something to consider. While many tend to disregard it, it offers surprising benefits. This article will explore a few reasons you should use a white table and chairs this year. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a White Table and Chairs in 2021

1. It’s Trendy

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that white is dull. They think it will make a room look tedious and unwelcoming. In some cases, this can be true. However, if done right, white can make a space look breathtaking.

Because white is a classic color. It fits in with all  2021’s design trends. These include:

  • Vintage
  • Contemporary country
  • Cottagecore
  • Tropical inspirations
  • Earthy palettes

Regardless of your taste, you’ll be shocked to find that white furniture often embraces any style. Many times, it will serve as the room’s eye-catching piece. It can also help highlight vibrant colors in nearby paintings and flower arrangements. 

2. It’s Versatile

These furniture pieces are flexible. You can put them in any room, and they’ll match almost every style. Even if you decide to change a room’s decor in the future, you’ll find that your white table and chairs will fit in. 

3. It’s Easy to Clean

White furniture is simple to maintain. It might surprise those who believe that it showcases scratches and other blemishes. 

While white pieces can get slight imperfections over time, it’s easy to fix and clean them. You can usually add a bit of putty and then swipe white paint over it for repairs. 

Also, thanks to its white color, dust won’t be evident. This makes white furniture ideal for those who don’t want to clean much or who don’t have the time to. 

While white furniture is long-lasting, over time it could turn slightly yellow. This is due to the paint compounds breaking down. But, don’t fear, you can easily reverse this. 

If you notice that your white table or chairs are yellowing, mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. After combining it, take a clean rag and dip it into the liquid. You’ll then want to dab it over yellow areas. Give it a few seconds to soak in and then use a clean towel to dry it off. Continue this process until all yellow areas have been treated. To ensure that the furniture dries correctly, it might be good to blow a fan on it. 

To protect your white furniture from this issue there are a few steps you can take. These include:

  • Keeping it out of direct sunlight.
  • Using safe cleaning agents on it. 
  • Draping slipcovers over the pieces. 

White Vs. Black Furniture 

Most furniture will either come in white or black. Both of these work well for various styles, but they have a few differences. 

Black pieces often give a room a moody atmosphere. In contrast, white is more inviting and brings warmth. 

Darker furniture could also make a space look smaller than it is. This is because it encourages shadows. White items are brighter so they reflect sunlight. It can make the area look more open and larger than it actually is. 

The right one to invest in will depend on the style you’re looking for in the room. Sometimes, you can mix white and black furniture to get the perks of both. 

Dining Table and Chairs Designs

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are one of the most traditional options. They come in countless widths and lengths. You’ll also find that they feature distinct leg styles like:

  • Scroll
  • Reeded
  • Fluted
  • Tapered
  • Spade
  • Saber

Extending Tables

Another table style is an extending one. This looks like rectangular tables but can be stretched. This way, if you need more space, you can adjust your table as necessary. 

To use an extending table, you can push its two ends away from each other. For most, you’ll need to  apply inserts into the slot. But, for some, the inserts are already inside. When you pull the table, they’ll automatically secure themselves into place. 

Round Tables

Round dining tables are small, but they have plenty of benefits. Most of the time, they’ll have winged edges. This allows you to fold them and then slide the table into a corner. The circular design also permits more chairs to be placed around its circumference. 

Wicker Chairs

Wicker is lightweight and durable. Besides this, its unique design adds a shabby chic look to your home. You’ll find wicker chairs are available in two materials. These are traditional wooden reeds and synthetic fibers. Both are heavy-duty, but if you want authentic looks, wooden reed wickers are ideal. 

Ladderback Chairs

Ladderback chairs feature a solid seat and a ladder-like backing. It’s commonly made of wood, but comes in different grain styles and colors. This includes varying white hues. To make your ladderback chair more comfortable, you can add a small cushion to the seat. 

Cross Back Chairs

Cross back chairs are a sleek option that has a curved backing with crossed bars. This provides better stability when you sit. This chair is adaptable and fits in with almost every design style. Their look is also somewhat light and airy so it won’t make your table appear cluttered. 

To Sum Things Up

White tables and chairs can add a stunning touch to any room. Thanks to their versatility, you can mix and match these pieces with various trends. This can save you from having to buy new furniture each time you want to remodel your residence. 

White Tree Furniture offers a large selection of white furniture. This includes everything from tables to dressers. These items are built to last and can help make your living space an inviting place to be in.