5 Well Known Living Room Cabinet Brands in 2022

Are you looking for top-quality living room cabinets but don’t know where to begin? An excellent starting point is to search for the most reputable brands. This article features popular collections you can purchase online. The designs, styles, and features vary. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a unit that suits your requirements. Check out the selection below, pick your favourite, and improve the desired home area!

1. Halifax

Halifax Tall White Bookcase with Storage (click here)

The first collection you’ll get to know is Halifax. This brand is famous for its white-painted shelving units. You can pick cabinets with multiple storage unit rows. It will be easy to divide your books, media, and other items. There’ll be sufficient space at your disposal and no issues with overcrowding.

Suppose you have things to store out of sight; pick a unit that comes with a bottom drawer. This drawer can help to put away some items but still have them nearby. The painted finishes are usually glossy. That gives a luxurious feel to the shelving unit. Detail lovers will appreciate the brass hardware, crown mouldings, and other additions.

The manufacturer uses top-quality material. The mixture of composite wood and dried mahogany will ensure optimal durability. It also secures affordable price that presents excellent value for money. Classic cabinets aren’t all that Halifax offers. You’ll also identify TV units, coffee tables, and buffet sideboards.

2. Provence

Provence White Bookcase with Low Drawers

This brand also has some interesting choices in its collection. Whether you need classic living room cabinets or other items for this area, it can be helpful. Here are the top products with the Provence name.

Display Units

The manufacturer named it a display item because it’s perfect for placing items you want to show to guests. You have multiple shelves to place books and fixtures. Vases with flowers can be in the central.

The product also has admirable functionality. It offers closed cabinets under the displaying area. These can serve to keep silverware or other items nearby.

A Classic Bookcase with Low Drawers

The amazing thing about Provence is that it designs space-saving furniture pieces. Their bookcases are narrow and won’t take a lot of room. They provide sufficient space to store your novels. You can also place family photos and other details. The bottom drawers can help to keep magazines and things that might not require a public display.

Glass Living Room Cabinets

While considering different products, has it occurred to you to acquire a glass item? Provence combines top-quality wood with a glass front. It’s convenient to protect the items from the dust but still ensure they aren’t out of sight. The books and other things will be visible, but you’ll secure them a sense of privacy. That means (most) guests will have to ask you before opening the cabinet and grabbing something from it.

Coffee Tables

Provence offers coffee tables in its collection. The standards are the classic white-painted units in small and rectangular shapes. An accented white item with a brown wood top is the latest addition to this collection. It fits perfectly with areas featuring countryside and more traditional decors. It’s an elegant choice providing a stark contrast. If you have a small stool that is white, you might be able to fit in well with this product.

3. Alsace

Alsace is a brand that focuses on furniture pieces for bedrooms. That’s why you’ll find bed frames, dressing tables, and small stools that are white in this collection. It’s the sheer number of items in this collection that will impress you.

Some pieces could be suitable for a living room. If you pick a set of six drawers, you’ll get a storage cabinet adequate for any area. You could also consider a small unit with three closed compartments to keep various things. Those can help to minimize clutter by placing items out of sight. The product itself will further contribute to the room’s aesthetic value.

Alsace offers two different product categories. Apart from classic units like small white stools, you could get grey-painted pieces. These offer a different take on the design and deliver an entirely different appearance. That could make them the right choice for your décor.

4. Toulouse

This collection offers a different take on manufacturing living room items. Instead of composite wood, the brand utilizes solid oak and its veneer. That gives that traditional feeling, but the modern painting ensures it can fit a modern décor well, too.

Here is a quick overview of some popular Toulouse pieces:

  • Wine rack. The lovers of this drink will appreciate having a fine cabinet to store bottles in it.
  • TV units. It’s a beautiful entertainment option with the top surface to place the screen. The bottom shelves can serve to store magazines and other items.
  • Console table. The manufacturer secured a quick assembly for this unit. It features rounded corners and two tones that contribute to the aesthetics.
  • Compact-sized bookcases and sideboards. If you need a complimentary item for your primary piece, these are a smart selection. It’s up to you whether to display the items publicly or store them in closed compartments.
  • Square table. You can also go for this classic product, especially if you already have a small white stool set.

5. Hampshire

This is a unique brand not made for everyone. If you like country-living style, you’ll love Hampshire items. Their shelving units with multiple baskets made of wood look attractive. It’s obvious it won’t fit all living rooms.

The products are suitable for open-concept spaces and areas with restricted rooms. The white-painted style is classic, but the items deliver that casual feel. That’s why they aren’t the best choice for stylish locations. The best part is that you won’t have to assemble anything. All items come prepared for placement.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t rush when choosing living room cabinets. The market offers a huge selection of brands, so stick to the most reliable ones. Once you identify a collection you like, you can easily pick the desired shelving unit. The selected piece should look fantastic but also fulfil your storage expectations. If it meets those two requirements, that confirms the item is the right choice!