Decoration Ideas for your White Bedroom (6 Tips)

You are looking for decoration ideas for your bedroom.

You’ve started by selecting a quality white furniture set like we have here at White Tree Furniture but you want more: you want to make this bedroom special.



You want it to be cozy, warm and welcoming

Today we’ll give some decoration ideas that can help you create a super comfy room for you to relax, sleep and get away from all of life’s busyness.

Tip number 1: Comfy bed


Pick up one of our good beds but don’t stop there. Add lots of pillows and super comfortable blankets and duvets.

Play a bit with colors and choose thick materials that will add character to the overall look. Make your bed super comfortable and welcoming.

Tip number 2: Add a desk


With a hutch or without, a desk can become a microcosm in your bedroom. Use it to study, read books or just to work on your passion projects.

A desk adds another layer to your room in the sense that it increases the functionality of the room.

Open up possibilities.

Tip number 3: Add color


Our white bedroom furniture is far from boring. It is contemporary and exciting. But you might want to add in some color here and there to break an all white pattern.

We suggest that, with your white furniture, you mix in some dark blues, reds and even orange. These will add flair and make the room come to life. Get creative and figure out what is to your personal taste.

Tip number 4: Kubbu rattan chair


Add a stylish kubbu rattan chair. The different materials and design of the chair will enrich the bedroom and effortlessly complement your white bedroom furniture. It’s all about adding a bit of flair and novelty.

You can use the chair to put clothes or literally just as an unassuming design statement.

Tip number 5: Add a mirror


Who doesn’t need a mirror in their bedroom? A big mirror will help you get ready in the morning to make sure you look your best and also will add depth.

Select one of these and you’ll be ready to go!

Tip number 6: Soft lighting

You want to create a welcoming, warm feeling in your room. Choose lights that will not disturb the peace. Soft and mild instead of flashy and disruptive.

Go for a chandelier and light bulbs that will reflect this philosophy of peace and quiet. You can even go one step further and have some scented candles, they work great when creating an atmosphere.

We hope you enjoyed these tips today. It is all about creating a warm, welcoming bedroom that has your vibes and matches your personality :)