8 Ways To Add A Summer Style To Your Small White Dining Table

As summer arrives, many try to decorate their dining tables to celebrate the season. But, some might be hesitant because they don’t know where to start. This article will mention a few ways you can embellish your small white dining table. To discover what these summer methods are, you’ll want to keep reading. 

8 Ways to Add a Summer Style to Your Small White Dining Table

1. Incorporate Fresh Flowers

Florals are an excellent way to instil a summer flair to your dining table. You can mix various colours to achieve this look. 

While you can mix and match the flowers any way you wish, consider adding these:

  • Sunflowers
  • Dahlias
  • Lavender
  • Hibiscuses
  • Daisies
  • Hydrangeas

Keep in mind that it’s important to take your time when organizing flowers. You can pop some stems into a vase, but it won’t give the same ambience as if you meticulously did so. 

Instead, research some ideas. You don’t have to follow them step-by-step, but they can give you a general guideline. Here are some to think of. 

  • Use minimalism. While many like extravagant displays, sometimes this can take away from the arrangement. By mixing about 3-5 different flowers it will add variation but not be over the top. 
  • Love the flowers. When someone looks at them, they can tell whether they’ve been thrown in or caringly placed. You might be surprised to learn that fresh blooms can tell too. If you don’t cut their stems at the right angle or neglect to use filtered water, they can become stressed. This can make the presentation wither faster than normal. 
  • Remember balance. You want to check that each side is somewhat even. If not, it will give your work an awkward appearance. You can do this by spending some time examining it. If you find that one side has thicker pieces than the other, spread it out so the sections mingle together. 

By using these, you can make a beautiful floral combination. 

2. Use Bright Hues

Vibrant colours are a useful way to give your table a summer theme. You don’t have to be excessive but add a few vivid items. These include tablecloths, plates, glasses, and linens. 

If you don’t know where to start consider these colours:

  • Saffron
  • Coral Pink
  • Rose
  • Periwinkle
  • Iced aqua
  • Seaspray 

While these might seem radiant, they’ll mellow out with the help of your white table. But, thanks to their brilliant tint, they will make the table the centre of attention.

3. Go Coastal

When most envision summer, they imagine a relaxing beach day. You can bring the ocean to your dining table by using coastal themes. 

There are a handful of ways you can create a seaside tablescape. Some include:

  • Placing shells on the table
  • Filling vases with sand
  • Using coral and driftwood
  • Blending blues and white colours

Besides that, you could also place large palms near the table. These will produce an exotic look. They will also add a nice touch of green.

4. Try Multi-Level Centerpieces

Another option is to design tiered centrepieces. By using items of different heights, it can give a unique depth to the table. It also lets you be creative and layout a striking assemblage. 

Let your imagination take over with this idea. You can use candlestick holders, stacked vases, and cake platters to achieve it. There is no limit to the possibilities. 

5. Add Candles

Some might think that candles should only be used for the winter, but this isn’t so. Summer candle displays can create an alfresco mood. This can bring the outdoors into your home. 

You can use any candle you want. These can range from thick pillars to dainty candlesticks. Better yet, you’ll notice that many are dyed. This way, you can pick candles that match the table’s theme. 

Summer means more natural light. So, rely on candles to brighten the room rather than artificial lamps. This can give it a natural and charming atmosphere. 

6. Put Herb Containers On It

Another possibility to think about is herb planters. These won’t take up much space and will give your table greenery. Besides this, they’ll emit a nice aroma and some will even flower. 

You can use whatever herbs you want for this purpose. But, you’ll want to ponder their differences. For instance, they vary in their leaves. You’ll also notice they each have a distinctive smell. It’s crucial to pay attention to details so you use the right ones. 

7. Use Tropical Fruit

Signature Grey Square Extending Dining Table

This season often brings an abundance of luscious fruit. You can celebrate it by adding some around your dining table

Some fruits to add are:

  • Pineapples
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruits

You can put them in ornate bowls or scatter a few down the centre. Real fruit can be used, but you’ll need to watch them. Due to the sweltering heat, they might start to decompose. This could cause them to disintegrate over your table. 

Another option is to cut citrus slices and layer them in a vase. This provides an incredible contrast with the flowers. If you’re interested in doing this, simply cut the fruit into thin slices. Then, pile it from the bottom to the top. Make sure the pieces are firm in place or they will slip. Once they’re secure, fill the vase with water and flowers. 

8. Use Lanterns

If you’re nervous about candles but still want to use lights, try lanterns. These will illuminate the room and help your table being a focal point. They can also create a tranquil aura that pays homage to a laid-back summer style. You can place the lanterns around your table or hang them from the ceiling. 

To Sum Things Up

As summer approaches, try these designs on your small white dining table. They’re not only simple to do but can transform your furniture. This can make it a stunning addition to your residence during this season. 

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