How To Spot Great End Tables Online & Offline

You decorated the room, but it seems like something’s missing. The accessory that would be a perfect addition is an end table. The trick lies in finding one that fits the area and fulfils the expected purpose.

This article reveals how to spot fantastic end tables. Whether you are buying online or offline, these factors will help to find the right unit. Let’s see what to consider in the selection process!

Shape and Style

Whether searching for a good bookcase, that is white or an end table, the initial requirement is identical. You start by determining your preferences. Check out the primary considerations below!

  • Style

Does your room feature a traditional décor? If yes, don’t look for modern tables. But if you want a product for a contemporary area, picking a rustic unit is wrong. It’s all about the accessory fitting the rest of the environment.

  • Shape

You can go for cabinets that feature a unique twist to the classic rectangular design. If it’s a better fit, consider a round table with a leg in the centre. You’ll also find many unusual forms, especially when buying online. The internet offers an impressive accessory range to find one that fits your preference.

  • Colour

You have two different paths when choosing a colour. The first is to fit the main furniture pieces, and the other to contrast them. If you have a white bookcase, pick a matching table with an identical shade. A vivid accessory design with patterns can be perfect for adding liveliness to the overall décor.

Size and Measurements

You can find end tables of various sizes in furniture stores. And if there’s nothing suitable there, you can always head to online shops. Before checking out different brands, determine the space where to place the accessory.

While inspecting the area, find suitable measurements for the unit. Those don’t have to be exact dimensions. Instead, decide on the minimum and the maximum size you’d find acceptable. After identifying that, you can immediately narrow down the selection. If necessary, there’s always the option to order a custom-made accessory.

The table’s height and width should match the main furniture pieces. If you place the unit close to the sofa, it shouldn’t vary much. It could be several inches lower or higher than the primary item. But if it’s far away, you can go for the additional difference. It won’t compromise the overall room’s appearance.


There’s no universal recipe because multiple solutions are acceptable. Since it’s a side table, the most common choices are metal or wood. It’s rare that users decide on marble or glass. Plastic could be suitable, but those items are of low quality and much better for the outside.

Look around to see the materials of other furniture pieces. If you found a “for sale white bookcase” made of wood, choose a matching side table. You could also pick a complementary option or go for a contrast.


You shouldn’t underestimate the functional features of your end table. The top area is the surface where you’ll place fixtures. Do you need additional drawers for storage? Apart from the classic units with closed doors, it’s possible to pick baskets. These are easy to remove and could add to the item’s overall design.

Extra Tips When Spotting End Tables

If you are new at designing interior and picking items for your room, you’ll appreciate extra guidance. Experts believe these tips will be welcome when in the market for an end table:

  • Does it need to have legs? If yes, place some anti-scratch accessories on the feet to avoid damaging the floor.
  • A C-shape is perfect to be close to the sofa. These tables go right next to the main furniture piece. They are convenient for setting aside drinks and snacks. They are also space savers.
  • Mix the materials. You can pick a metal table with a glass surface on top. It often adds to the unit’s overall elegance.
  • Visual weight. This ensures the main pieces don’t “swallow” your accessory. A huge sofa can make a table with thin legs look funny. That’s why you need to ensure they fit well together.

Advantages and Things to Consider When Buying Online

All popular brands have their internet stores. It’s the modern way of shopping, and manufacturers follow the trends. These are specific considerations of this method!

  • An endless selection. It’s an exaggeration, but you can pick from a huge variety of items on the web. Some manufacturers are only available on the internet, and they could have your perfect product.
  • Special discounts. Many brands design unique offers for their online stores. You could find a white bookcase for sale or other items at special prices.
  • Stay in the comfort of your home. Acquiring items over the web means you don’t have to visit the store. That minimizes hassle and saves time. The item will even arrive at your doorstep, and all it takes is a little patience.

Advantages and Things to Consider When Buying Offline

You might be uncomfortable with using the internet. The traditional shopping method might fit your preferences better. Check out the specifics of buying an end table offline!

  • You could get it today. If the store has it ready, take the table with you immediately. That way, it’s possible to install it immediately.
  • Inspect everything at the spot. An item ordered online could arrive damaged. If you acquire it in the local store, you’ll know it’s in perfect condition.
  • The shop might have limited availability and working hours. You might only have certain brands available in your area. No offline store is open overnight, so you’ll have to adjust to their schedule. That could make the entire process more difficult.

Final Thoughts

You can’t underestimate the value of fantastic end tables. The only task is to find the item that fits your décor perfectly.

Investing some time in analyzing factors like shape, size, and materials can get you a long way. It ensures you identify an end table that has aesthetic and functional benefits. And the best part is these items are an excellent value for money. They aren’t expensive, and they last longer, which makes them a great investment!