8 Living Room Principles to Arranging Your Furniture Around a White Coffee Table Set

It’s always been your dream to have a white coffee table set. You’ve set your mind and decided to purchase it. While the unit looks great, it’s vital to fit it in with other items in the living room. 

This guide explains principles to stick to when designing an area with this piece. You’ll discover how to arrange your furniture around it. It ensures you feel comfortable and impresses any guests who come to the house. If that sounds good, start reading now to learn the rules of optimal decoration!

Which Is the Shape of Your Coffee Table?

You already picked the unit’s color, but what about its configuration? Homeowners can choose from multiple table types, and this short overview can offer valuable guidance.

1. Round

Do you often gather friends for chats and hangouts? If yes, this table can be a suitable option. The entire group will feel closer when they sit next to one another. It will encourage conversation and strengthen people’s relationships. If you don’t want a round unit, it’s possible to switch it with octagonal or hexagonal.

2. Rectangular

The beauty of choosing this product is it can go anywhere. If you pick a white-painted rectangular coffee table, it’s possible to fit with any décor. That includes modern designs and traditional decors. The remaining thing to consider is size because it shouldn’t be too small or large.

3. Square

The general rule is that a small table of this shape isn’t that usable. That’s why square-shaped items are most suitable for big rooms. It’s the surrounding where they can fit best.

4. Oval

You’ll often find these units go with classic decors. Those who prefer modern designs might not appreciate oval tables. If you prefer a classic or rustic feeling, oval-shaped products can meet your expectations.

5. Unusual Shape

This term refers to an amorphous table. You’ll find boomerangs, flowers, or shapes that don’t fit the classic standards. Many manufacturers can deliver customized orders to fit the user’s requirements. The market also offers a huge variety of attractive options.

How to Arrange Furniture Around a White Coffee Table Set

You can purchase the most expensive items in the market. You could buy a single item or a set of white coffee tables with one or two additional smaller units. But if the items don’t look well together, the entire area will look funny. Here are some tips on where to put your furniture in a living room! 

1. Pick an Optimal Number of Furniture Piece

It’s about imagining the space to fit your expectations, but also serve its purpose. It’s never smart to overcrowd a room with numerous furniture pieces, and no freedom of passing through. 

While a minimalistic approach is welcome, you should still include all the required items. What’s the point of a living room with insufficient seating positions? It’s all about finding the balance. That’s why you need a plan to have just the right number of furniture and decoration pieces in the area.

2. The Table Height Should Be Close to the Sofa’s Size

The white coffee table set is likely to be the central point. Your goal is to place seating positions around it. You could position sofas and chairs, but it’s crucial they don’t look disproportionate when compared.

The general rule is the height of these units should be similar. So, if you have a sofa that’s around 22” high, that’s your starting point. If you find a white coffee table for sale, but it's 15” from the ground, it probably won’t work. It will require people to get in uncomfortable positions when setting down their drinks. You can go for a difference of several inches, but more than that is risky.

3. Is the Table of Service to Every Seating Position?

Some experts believe the ideal distance from the sofa to your unit is 14-20 inches. The truth is the right option is the one that ensures its optimal service. If you are in a chair, it’s vital to reach the table and set down your drink without a hassle.

If a single unit can’t serve all seating positions, how about adding another one? You can combine the central coffee table with another small unit next to the sofa.

4. It Should Be Easy to Talk to Others

Each person should have sufficient space in their seat. It should also be easy to talk to others when they feel like it. That’s why homeowners should consider space between seating areas. The optimal distance is between four and ten inches. It gives you room for legs but also ensures you don’t shout when talking to others.

5. Balance the Furniture Pieces Across the Area

It doesn’t look nice when you fill only one section of the room with items. The idea is to achieve balance, so try to spread furniture pieces. You could make a central area around the white coffee table.

Once you position everything, see if anything sticks out as too crowded or empty. If it’s the latter, you can add some pictures, lighting, mirrors, or plant fixtures. It will contribute to the room’s overall design.

6. Make Sure to Use a Suitable Rug

Imagine this scenario – you buy a carpeting solution and place it under the table. After positioning it, you realize only two legs are on the rug, and the others ended up on the floor. Nobody wants that to happen, so pick proportionate sizes.

A carpet you place under the table should be approximately four inches wider and longer than it is. That will ensure it looks proportionate and pleasant for the eye. The alternative is to get a huge rug that will go beneath your set, but also sofa and chairs.

7. Create a Clear Traffic Pattern

You found a set of white coffee tables for sale and it fits perfectly in your living room. Here is how to confirm that’s a true assumption – think about the traffic pattern. 

The initial consideration is how you’ll reach a specific seating position. If you need to sit on the sofa, what’s the shortest path to it? Will you bother others when getting up to head to the toilet? You don’t have to make everything ideal, but try to design a traffic pattern that makes sense.

8. Consider the Door Position

Imagine this – you are sitting on a sofa, and the entrance is behind you. Others react when someone enters, but you can’t see who that person is. You don’t feel pleasant, and let’s not even mention that this leaves room for someone sneaking up on you.

Positioning the white coffee table you bought shouldn’t be a problem, especially if it’s rectangular. But you don’t want to place sofas and chairs with their backs to the door. It leads to uncomfortable situations since everyone loves keeping an eye on the entrance.

Final Thoughts

A white coffee table set is a versatile and convenient addition to a living room décor. It fits well with modern and traditional designs and can contribute to the area’s overall aesthetic value. That’s only a single furniture piece, and this guide showed you how to arrange other items around it.

It’s possible to choose from different shapes, ranging from rectangular tables to round and amorphous units. Which form would best fit your living room and style? If you pick a unit that matches your preference, that guarantees you’ll love sitting next to it every day!