19 Facts About White Furniture

When one first looks at white furniture, it appears to be a simple choice. Nothing too crazy, right? While it might seem to be plain, it’s secretly one of the most fascinating furniture types available. The post will explore 19 interesting facts about it and why it’s worth investing in. To find out what they are, keep reading. 

19 Intriguing Facts About White Furniture

1. It Has a Classic Color That Match Many Other Hues

Halifax Contrast White Painted Small Buffet Sideboard

White is a unique shade. Thanks to its neutrality, it can blend in with other colors. You don’t have to worry about repainting a room or completely changing its theme. 

Some hues to think about are:

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Blue

You can place the furniture into a room with vibrant shades but this could be overwhelming. It could make everything a bit shocking and take away from the white piece. 

Ideally, go for warm shades, like gray or beige. These are softer on the eye and will encourage your furniture to be the star of the room. 

Besides just colors, look at metal or gold accents. These can add a brilliant contrast while helping the furniture stand out. You can add the accents in a few ways. This includes using plates, artwork, flowers, and linens tinged with it. 

2. It Comes in Countless Styles

Another fact about furniture is that it comes in many designs. You’ll find everything from traditional options to contemporary or shabby chic ones. These extensive options allow you to find items that perfectly match your needs. 

3. It’s Easy to Clean

Some believe that furniture is a pain to clean. While it does require extra care, it’s simple to do. 

For best results, dust or wipe down the furniture at least once a week. You don’t have to do a deep clean, but you’ll want to apply a polish or seal no more than twice a year. If you apply it too much, it can ruin the exterior. It can make it look slimy and could dissolve its finish. 

Keep in mind that you want to stay away from certain cleaning products. Many synthetic options tend to have harsh chemicals in them. These can wear down the paint or cause the finish to warp. Instead, opt for olive oil or vinegar-based mix. These natural ingredients won’t only sanitize the piece but give it a stunning shine. 

4. Sunlight Can Fade It

Halifax White Wardrobe with 2 Doors

One thing to watch out for is the white color fading or yellowing. While this can be due to age, it’s usually a sign of sun damage. 

This strange occurrence is due to UV rays. These negatively interact with the paint’s chemicals. The longer the piece is hit by them, the more likely its color will start to diminish. 

There are many ways you can stop this though. This includes:

  • Keeping it away from windows
  • Installing UV-ray blocking curtains
  • Sealing the furniture 
  • Applying a window film
  • Using solar blinds

If your furniture is already suffering from this problem, you can fix it by using these tips. 

Scrub a Baking Soda Paste Over It

One method to remove the yellow tint is to put a baking soda paste over it. To make it, mix about ½-cup baking soda with ¼ to ½-cup water. Once combined, use a brush or cloth to rub it over the furniture. Let it rest for about three minutes and then take a damp rag and wash it off. When it has been removed, use a clean cloth to dry it. To ensure the furniture is completely dry, it might be good to also blow a fan on it. 

Use Sandpaper

If the furniture has yellowed because of its finish, try using sandpaper. Carefully rub its rough grains around the piece. Make sure to get into crevices or the finish won’t look right. 

When you’re done sanding the piece, use a fan or dust extractor to remove particles. You can then put a fresh paint coat on. 

Apply a Linseed Oil Finish

Linseed oil is made from flax seeds. Because of its quirky properties, it’s often used to secure furniture. If the piece is made of wood, it will also help bring out its natural finish. 

To apply the linseed oil, first, wipe off the furniture. This will remove dust and other debris that would otherwise get trapped. 

When this is done, dab a bit of linseed oil on a cotton ball and slowly massage it in. After you apply the first coat, wait about 20 minutes. Then, take a cloth and wipe off any excess liquid. This will prevent it from bubbling. Let the first layer sit for at least 24 hours before applying one last coat. 

5. You Can Repurpose It

Halifax Tall White Bookcase with 3 Drawers

This furniture is adaptable. You can reuse it if you plan to redo a room or want to change the white’s tone. 

There are plenty of techniques you can use to convert a white piece. Here are some ideas. 

Make a Plant Holder 

If you plan to change up a dresser, consider using the drawers as a plant container. To do so, remove the shelves and repaint them. You can then fill each with dirt and plants. 

You could also make a small shelf and then stack the drawers on it. This can create a layered look and serve as a striking art piece. 

Create an Office Desk

For those who want to repurpose a dining table, try converting it into a desk. You can repaint the table or leave it as it is. Depending on the necessary size, you can use the original dimensions or cut it in half. After you’re done adjusting the table, you can start using it.        

Construct a Bar Table

Old bookcases can be transformed into a bar table. Thanks to their open shelves, they can hold bar equipment. 

To make one, cut the bookcase to the desired height. Once you do, add a tabletop. After you attach the pieces, sand them down. You can then paint them. 

6. It Makes the Room Appear More Brighter and Spacious

White pieces can make space seem larger and more illuminated. This illusion is due to the white color reflecting light. You can see this distinction if you compare a room with light furniture to one that doesn’t have it. 

7. It Emits a Cozy Atmosphere

Halifax Slatback Chairs

Some people don’t always think of white as being a homey color. Instead, they believe it to be a sanitary hue that doesn’t have much character. It might not be everyone’s first choice, but white has an incredible personality. 

8. It’s Constructed Out of Various Materials

When you inspect the furniture, you’ll notice it’s designed in a vast amount of materials. These range from wood to metal. This selection allows you to pick one that fits your tastes. This stops you from settling for something that doesn’t. 

9. It Can Serve as a Room’s Focal Point

If you’re looking for a dazzling piece, this furniture is something to try. No matter where you place it, the piece will automatically stand out. This is mainly due to the brightness of the table. The color will catch a person’s eye as they enter the room. Because of this, they’ll be more likely to look at the table and its details.         

10. It Makes Pet Hair More Obvious

Because of its light shade, pet hair is much more noticeable on white pieces. This is especially a concern if your pet has dark fur. Furniture can create static which can cause the fur to stick to it. This can make it harder for you to get it off. 

While you can’t always stop this issue, there are a few methods you can remove it with. 

One is to use a vacuum to suck it up. You could also use a dust roller. Its sticky pad will quickly remove the fur without leaving behind a residue. 

To reduce static, run a humidifier in the room. This tool will create a moisture which can discourage static. However, don’t overrun it. Too much moisture could end up making a damp atmosphere that could harbor mold.             

An alternative to a humidifier would be to rub fabric-softener sheets on the piece. These will zap the charges and prevent them from forming again. 

11. It’s Simple to Repair

Halifax White Kitchen Hutch Cabinet

Over time, the furniture will get scratched and dented. If this happens, don’t panic. Fixing this furniture can be done within minutes. 

Some common problems to watch out for (especially on wooden pieces) are:

  • Black spots - these indicate water damage that has caused mold. Unfortunately, they can’t be removed without the use of strong agents. While convenient, the chemicals could damage the finish. 
  • Ink - this liquid will stain the piece. The furniture needs to be stripped if you hope to remove it. You could also try to rub steel wool and mineral spirits over it. 
  • Grease - this problem won’t seep into the furniture like ink will. Due to this, you can remove it with warm, soapy water. 
  • Wax marks - these blemishes are also simple to unfasten. This is because they only rest on the top. You can use a knife to peel them off. 
  • Water spots - this is a frequent problem with this furniture type. If you leave a damp object, such as glass on it, a condensation ring will form. This will then seep into the piece. This could cause the spot to warp or discolor. 

Here are some ways you can address these issues:

Try a Furniture Marker

If you have a small knick or have another color scratched onto the piece, try a touch-up marker. This utensil contains special paint that will hide any imperfections. You’ll find them in an extensive array of colors so you can match the shade with that of your table’s. 

To use one, first, shake it for a few seconds. This will help mix the paint so it doesn’t clump together. Then, take the cap off and draw over the imperfection. Let the first layer dry for an hour. You can then apply for another one. Depending on how dark the flaw is, you might need to add more layers before it disappears. 

Apply Wood Putty

You can use wood putty to fill in thick dents. This material will get deep into the crack and make the piece look as if nothing was ever damaged. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the right putty. There are two possibilities: water-based or solvent-based. 

  • Water-Based

This putty tends to be more eco-friendly. This is because it doesn’t contain abrasive chemicals, such as VOCs, that can create toxic odors. This putty is also more flexible and dries faster than solvent-based putty. 

  • Solvent-Based

Solvent-based putty takes more than an hour to dry. While it has a strong smell, it’s a bit more heavy-duty than a water-based one. Apart from this, it’s cost-effective. 

Remember, wood putty is starkly different from the wood filler. A filler usually contains sawdust while putty incorporates plastic. Wood filler isn’t as durable and can warp if moisture seeps into it. 

How to Put On Wood Putty

To spread wood putty, first, open the container and mix it with a putty knife. Dip the edge of the knife into the material and then spread it on the imperfection. Use the knife to smooth it out. You could also use your finger to do so. 

Once enough is applied, sand the area down. Make sure it’s even with your furniture or it will appear bumpy. Take a clean cloth and wipe it and the surrounding area off. When you’ve made sure it’s dry, paint over it. 

Use Coasters

To prevent condensation rings, be diligent at using coasters. These decorative tiles will lift the glass off the furniture. This will keep water from touching it. 

While this will mainly fend off moisture, it will also stop scratches. You can place other items on top of them to thwart blemishes. 

Try to Iron Condensation Spots

If you already have these rings on the furniture, try ironing them. The iron’s heat will evaporate the liquid. This will help remove the stain.

To use this method, first put a clean shirt over the spot. Let the iron heat up to its lowest setting and then carefully glide it over the shirt. Run the device over the rings for about 10 seconds. When this is done, put the iron aside and check the piece. If the ring is still visible, continue this process until it’s gone. 

While handy, be cautious when using the iron. If you leave it in the area for too long it could burn the furniture. 

Wipe a Permanent Marker Remover Over It

Permanent marker removers can be useful at eliminating many blemishes. This includes pesky ink stains. The sponge-like tool has a special chemical mixture that will dissolve the ink. Despite its working hard against the stain, it will be gentle on the furniture itself. To use it, dip it into the water and rub it over the problem. When you’re done, use a clean towel to dry the area.

 12. It’s Affordable

A handful of people might avoid this furniture because they believe it to be expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The furniture might look pricey, but it’s affordable. Even if you’re on a strict budget, you can find a piece.

Better yet, many furniture dealers can work with you to create an exclusive plan. You can agree to pay in certain increments over a specific time. This way, you can purchase the furniture without it causing financial concerns. 

 13. You Can Customize It

Halifax Large White Hutch Bookcase

If you love a piece but want to slightly tweak it, you can do so with this furniture. 

There are a variety of ways you can personalize your furniture. One is by painting a new color on it. You could also sew cushions and pillows to put on chairs and couches. For tables, you could even design your own tabletop to install over it. This could be a pure glass sheet or a mosaic. 

If you like the furniture, but want to replace its hardware, you can do so as well. Simply shop for knobs and handles that match your taste. You can then install them. Because they’re simple to detach, you can exchange them throughout the year. 

No matter what your preferences are this furniture will easily adhere to your needs. 

14. It Comes in Various White Hues

Besides matching other colors, white can be made to go with a specific shade. You’ll notice that the furniture comes not in one generic hue but multiple types. These range from green-tinted to pink-tinted shades. Despite these tints, they won’t be too obvious. Instead, the white shade will be the main focus. But, on a closer inspection, you’ll find that its tone is slightly darker. 

15.  It Matches With Numerous Trends

Decorating trends can be fun to follow but they also have their downsides. While they might last for a year or two, once their time is up, the theme can start to look a bit strange. The problem is when you need to buy new items to revive the space. 

A unique aspect of this furniture is that it will work with any trend. You can reuse the pieces for almost any new design. This can save you from having to find original furniture to put in the room. It will also save you a lot of money. 

16. It Can Collect Dust Easily

Halifax White Farmhouse Buffet with 2 Drawers

If you own light-colored furniture you’ll need to watch out for dust. While easy to clean off, it can be a dust magnet. This is especially so if your furniture is constructed out of wood. 

You can spend time cleaning and dusting the furniture several times a week. Despite this, the particles will always find their way back. These can leave behind a thick film. This layer can be noticeable over time as it builds up. This can make your furniture look a bit dull and even dated. 

To keep dust away, you can do a few things. Besides cleaning it off, check your air vents. These gadgets are designed to circulate air. If there is debris in them, that will be blown out into the room. This will then settle on nearby objects. By regularly changing them out, you can keep them from emitting dust. 

Another thing to consider is using a vacuum to clean your floors. While this might be a hassle for some, it’s better than a broom. Brooms can send particles flying into the air with their sweeping motion. As the dust starts to fall back, it will cling to items nearby. This can create even more of a mess for you to clean. Vacuums suck up the particles to keep them in one spot. 

17.  It’s Durable

Furniture can run into problems over the years. But, if those pieces can’t withstand them, the result will be obvious. You’ll notice them crumbling or quickly fading. 

White pieces are durable and made to last. Most will stay around for decades if taken care of. 

Some ways to keep your furniture in good condition is by:

  • Using slipcovers
  • Avoid cleaning it with bleach
  • Dusting it weekly
  • Keeping it out of the sun
  • Cleaning spills or liquid as soon as possible

18. It Gives a Room a Sophisticated Ambiance

Halifax White Painted Grand Bookcase Display Cabinet

This furniture not only gives a cozy atmosphere but an elegant one as well. Unlike bright pieces, white items can appear tranquil and simple. While some might think simplicity is boring, it can invoke a graceful presence. 

19.  It’s Eco-Friendly

Some might stay away from this furniture because of environmental problems. While some pieces might not be sustainably made, most are. In fact, many white pieces are eco-friendly. You’ll find that many furniture dealers will buy wood from reputable sellers. These vendors only use ethical and ecological methods to obtain the materials. 

 To Conclude

White furniture offers plenty of benefits. It’s not only versatile but easy to maintain. While it might seem like a dainty choice, it’s durable and made with first-rate materials. This makes it a worthwhile investment. 

If you’d like to add white furniture to your home, check out White Tree Furniture. You’ll find a huge selection that comes in a variety of styles.