The Furniture Ombudsman

We are deeply concerned with your satisfaction as a customer and want you to have 100% peace of mind when you buy from us. This is why we have become full members of Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman.

They are an independent, not for profit, and impartial association that specializes in Alternative Dispute Resolution, in case these happen.

We are very excited about being members because this association is passionate about raising standards across the entire furniture industry, benefiting retailers, traders and consumers alike.

If anything is to go wrong with your purchase, we have in place a 100% Customer Satisfaction policy that will make sure we make things right for our customers. However, because we value our customer's piece of mind, we've become members of The Furniture Ombudsman who you can complain to (if we still let you down) and who will settle a dispute in a quick and fair manner. 

Their staff is legally trained and proficient in resolving disputes and their service is free of charge for consumers buying from qualified retailers (like us). 

This is yet another step we've take to make sure our customers buy with tranquility. Your satisfaction, privacy and safety really are priority number one and we're happy to partner up with an organization that shares the same values.

Learn more on their website here.

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